Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Bobby O. night, dedicated to the italo-disco/hi-NRG pioneer Bobby Orlando, was an absolute sensation at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc. Nobody really cared that Bobby is an apparent homophobe and nobody knew that Michael Jackson would die in less than 24 hours. Sunshine and happiness all around!

Charles (left) predicted that the evening would be the wildest shit show ever based on the 10pm crowd, which included (from right) world famous photographer Aaron, superstar comedian Harriet and go-go boy extraordinaire Ryan.

As Jerri Blank once said, I could chip a tooth on that.

Guest DJ of the evening Sugartitz (right) spun the most awesomest set ever! He also brought along an Australian stranger who fit in quite nicely with the bearded set.

Andy (left) and photographer Kelvin, giving you Club Hugs.

Did I not get the memo about wearing turquoise to the party? Is she clutching a clutch behind his back?

Mikey (right, with Charles, in yet another turquoise shirt) hosted the best gay pride parade get together at his 5th ave. apartment, complete with garlic and sausage pizza. Thanks gurrrrrl.

Speaking of girls, this one in the middle wouldn't let up with her LCD Soundsystem request and then accused me of sexism for not playing it. Totally not the way to get your song played ladies.

Gay nightlife reunion '09. We can talk about how much I love the one in the plaid on the left later.

My new best friend Josue (center), mostly because 1) he can help me practice my newly acquired Spanish, 2) his name is the Spanish version of Joshua and 3) Michael (left) has introduced like, 27 times.

Paul (left) and Samson, rocking their summer whites like bonafide champs.

That lap dance and that leather vest completely justify his love.

Nightlife celebutards (from left) Kindbud, DJ Adam and Cazwell, who is finally getting sloshed again after a year of self-imposed sobriety and just in time for his new record release.

Loving how every Bobby O. song sort of sounds exactly the same.

The handsomeness, licking the salt off of Aron's neck because Aron was the designated Tequila shot girl.

...until we put the salt on his chin and he became the new Tequila shot girl.


By this point, Sugartitz was playing the most blissful italo disco jams you've ever heard in your life. He really needs to quit that day job thing and return to nightlife where he belongs.

The Hamptons called and they wanted their wardrobe back.

At this coming Wednesday's Britpop Good Times with DJ Nita (!!!), I hope Steven, Brett and John really do form a conga train to the tune of There's No Other Way.

Best winter-coat-check-turned-summer-make-out-booth in New York City.

Open-mouthed and ready for some wieners. As in wigs 'n' wieners (July 22nd) - get your mind out of the gutter!

Will (left) has landed a DJ gig at P.S. 1's Sunday parties this summer which was way fun last time I went (6 years ago) and pretty effing major.

Pole positions. Take a number at the door.

Back to the dreamboat in plaid.

Mr. Corey Tut, shouting at the devil if the devil's name were Jack Daniels.

David (left) and friend, feeling on the Divine Alphabet Rap that Sugartitz is playing.

Let's just call these four the tall posse, since they completely tower over everyone else at the party and have thus been relegated to the far corner. Love you guys!

This week I discovered that Devin (right) and maybe Alex too (left) have a vast array of facebook friends who don't know them in real life. That will all change if you join us at Good Times, especially after the open vodka bar we now do starting at 11pm.

Charles was completely right: LET THE SHIT SHOW BEGIN!

All eyes on me at the center of the ring just like a circus.

Mark (left) and Russell, enjoying the first non-rainy evening of June 2009...until it started to rain, of course.

Robbie (right) was the first and certainly not the last person to start with the Michael Jackson requests. Trust that we will do a proper MJ night just like we did a LeToya and Janet one.

Words cannot express my feelings for this shirt.

Me (left), with my best friend of yesteryear Albert (center) and my best friend of this year, Matt (except for when we go on vacation and he snores. BE WARNED).

There is something spookily reminiscent of a Margaret Keane painting in their eyes.



We don't call it Good Time for nuthin'.

Paul, Devin, Sugartitz and a real tit, sharing an intimate moment.

Damn! Did someone unleash some aphrodisiacs-slash-poppers that I was unaware of?

Kevin F. (right), always a lady as she struts in her boots, cut-offs and sheer tops. Put some bass in your walk, Kevin!

I do believe that Big Scot birthday (top, with Ned, Evans and Paul from left) is right around the corner, and you know what that means? SIOUXSIE SIOUX PARTY!

Jamal (right) and friend, saying please don't kick us out! It's only 3:58am! One more drink!

A green-hooded leprechaun, coming soon to whisk you away.

That's all she wrote folks. Gabe and Micheal T. and I will see you next week at Britpop night with DJ Nita! OPEN VODKA BAR 11 - 1130pm! xoxo, Sparber

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