Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Instead of doing a proper Michael Jackson night at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc (we'll get there, and it'll include Rebbie, LaToya and Jermaine), we paid tribute last week to another profilic and petite artist known as Prince, as well as his spin-off projects a.k.a. Vanity and Apollonia.

Bear season was in full-effect thanks to Mikey (left) and his new cub mate.

Party men! (the purple party mix)

Dude on the right has a real good grip on his friend's 'fro and is so not letting go after this picture was taken.

Nothing says Nasty Girl better than a white leather anything with fringe.

Hey cookies! Andrew (left) brought by this hairburner hunk and woo-ed him with our 11-1130pm open vodka bar and then left for another destination known as Erotic City.

Disco naps will work even better for next week, when the creature of the night Michael T. guests for disco divas at Good Times delirium.

Invoking the spirits of Wendy and Lisa.

Your lovesexy DJ (left) and photographer (right), hugging a burka-clad Linda Simpson.

Linda (left, with Andrew) said her burka was an homage to the late Michael Jackson, who suffered from a skin depigmentation illness known as vitiligo.

I thought she just looked very Iraqi-chich and fabulous, as did everyone else at the party, hence all the posing-with-Linda photos. I mean, when was the last time bartender Darren (left) posed for a pic?

The yumminess that is Peter (left) and Rich. Rich's seven-year strong Snaxx party is headed to Fire Island's Ice Palace this Saturday, where I'll be hangin' after my first underwear party spot for Daniel Nardicio this Friday. Let me know if you wanna come.

Kiss the burka. Rub the burka. Feeeeeeeeeeeel the burka.

Douggie (center) and two dudes, to whom he later proved his sex shooter skills.

GET OFF! (Twenty-three positions in a one night stand.)

Gary gets the prize for wearing a Prince and/or prince-inspired get-up. We also encourage dressing up and or dressing down (aka nudity) here at our Good Times party.

Hot tattooed arm, nice beard, shaved head and Mikey (left) doing unthinkable things outside the frame of the shot.

Kelvira's new friend, whose name I can't remember, probably because Kelvin was slurring or speaking really really really really fast when he said it to me.

The only thing better than the passion captured in this moment is Paul's priceless, horrified face in the background.

Working that Jennifer Beal's flashdance look.

The gravity-defying hairstyles of Tai Chi (left) and Kevie Cee.

An intimate bathroom moment with this summer's hottest cripple, Mr. Marlon H.

Enough denim to these two dry through the Purple Rain aka 1984.

Ecstasy! Ecstsasy! E-E-E-E Ecstasy!

I may have once claimed that Delvin, who's hosting next week's wigs and wieners party with Matt the Baker, had the bestest chin dimple ever. I think Paul (right, with Jarrod, Danny and death metal black tshirt dude) might be giving Delvin a run for his money. CHIN DIMPLE SHOWDOWN!

JC (right) and a glam slam in a striped hoodie.

CREAM! Get on top!

Oh how I love Cameron (right) and the different groups of friends I find him around town with each and every week. A true class act in dapper dress and skinny suspenders.

When standing next to Scotty, our burka celeb suddenly looks like she could fit right in at a Slayer concert. Next week is also Scotty's birthday so bring him some specially enhanced cookies or something to show your appreciation.

Eddie, Michael, Angelo and friend (from left), examining the graffiti bridges outside of Eastern Bloc. Eddie also gets a star for his pretty purple top.

Enrico (left), shortly after he begged me to revert to some Major Lazer.

All seven and we'll watch them fall (ch-ching!). Amongst these seven are some of my oldest friends in New York, and I'm not talking about age even though they're mostly pushing 30 now.

Robert P., intimately explaining that he could never take the place of your man.

Signs of the times.


Andrew (left) and Thomas, crossed out and considering a switch to Jehovah's Witness after hearing the 12 minute version of A Love Bizarre. Hey, it's better than being a born again with Vanity.

A young Robin Byrd, who I plan on stalking on Fire Island for the rest of the summer, since I'm out there every other Friday for this underwear party affair. Did you know Robin Byrd's license plate says 970-Byrd. GENIUS.

Matt on Matt, slow dancing to Prince's original version of Nothing Compares 2 U.

As Tom Green would say, my bum is on the ATM!

Kelvin (left) didn't really talk to my good friend Andrew except to say "your friend has really nice boobs."

You see a gaggle of handsomeness and all I see Danny sucking his thumb.

Is it 3am already?

Yup. Officially 3am, just in case you weren't sure.

Telfar and his hot piece from LA, who we took to the after party and then Telfar took him to the after after party. And then the after after after party, which was pretty much Mr. Black on Saturday.

Voguing House of Spahbah queens say see you next week for Michael T. and Sparber's disco diva dance off.

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