Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Lots goin' on and no time to blog so here are three pics that will have to suffice:

Yay! It's finally sunny enough to bike around town and note who else has been twerking in the East Village: the owners or new renters of the former space where gay institution Starlight used to stand. If you put your ear up against the wood, you can still hear that saxophonist wailing to the beats in the back room. (Wonderbar's Sharee is gonna take you there at Good Times next Wednesday, July 29.)

My brightly colored friend Jarrod accompanied me to Fire Island, where I DJed Daniel Nardicio's weekly Friday underwear party at the Ice Palace and danced to LA Woman and other great jams at Saturday's Summer Snaxx by the Sea, courtesy of Rich King and Gustavo. A 22-year-old day tripper died in the ocean that day too which was strange and sad.

Me in the DJ booth at the new David Barton, where I DJed on Thursday and again on Tuesday, where people kept asking me if the disco ball booth had once resided at Studio 54 (I don't think it did).

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Anonymous said...

poor guy. that's really sad.