Thursday, July 02, 2009


After the smashing success of our Britpop party at Eastern Bloc's Good Times, starring guest DJ Nita Aviance, we headed over to the Cock at 330am for a nightcap. Little did we know that at 415am once the bar shut down, we'd be surrounded by New York City's finest.

You can barely make him out but there's a bald-headed black queen in a white-ish button down standing in front of the Cock's exit doors, who apparently had an altercation with the bouncer.

Apparently it takes five cop cars to remedy such a non-violent situation at a 415am gay bar in New York City.

Once the 10 cops realized there wasn't much doing, they all kind of huddled around and wondered, what now? They also hurled insults at me for photographing them, making fun of my short shorts and telling me I'd get in trouble for photographing them (espeically Corbett 14859 and Jurgens 2823).

I promised that I'd note down their car numbers, since 415am is apparently dead time for this crew. So if you happen to see cars 2675, 5017, 4113, 2420 and 1484 around town, tell them hey and that you'd love to get them a drink at the Cock when they're free.


Corenbby said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it... but really... why did so many cops show up?

Sparber said...

I think they were bored and looking for head.

Unknown said...

No,they were just looking to harrass gay people leaving a bar,why do you think they were throwing insults at you.They are all a bunch of homophobic racist fucktards.Its to be expected they act the way they do.New York's finest my ASS! Aint nuttin fine about the New York Pussy Department (NYPD)