Wednesday, July 01, 2009


On Monday, my friend Cameron tipped me off about a straight-to-DVD release starring Parker Posey, Amy Poehler and Rachael Dratch called Spring Breakdown. How I missed any news about this one was beyond me but I diligently sought it out and watched it that night. It's hard to imagine that anybody could ruin a film starring these three comedic geniuses, not to mention a supporting role (read: scene stealer) by Jane Lynch of Best In Show fame. But they did.

Premise: three uncool 30somethings have to attend spring break on South Padre Island, Texas in order to follow one of their bosses' daughters and make sure she stays out of trouble. So simple! So foolproof! And yet the comedy is a mix of slapstick one-liners (funny but not memorable) and situational gag jokes, like when Rachael Dratch wakes up drunk next to a hunk and is convinced they did it (she passed out in the wrong hotel room). Cute, yes, but completely lacking the cleverness of something as equally ridiculous as The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

This film is begging to be camp but seems to have fallen into the hands of the wrong editor or director or something, which is too bad since jokes delivered by Parker Posey in a salsa wrestling tub really should resonate with viewers like me.

Last night, I succumbed to HBO's pimp-ho advertising campaign around New York City and watched Hung, a new series about a down-and-out teacher turned hustler. I'm not sure how long this premise can sustain itself but the premiere episode was entertaining enough and lead actor Thomas Jane (above) is handsome enough to have me tune in again. Those eyes and that chin dimple. How long will HBO go without offering up a glimpse of the full monty? I smell a Dirk Diggler somewhere around episode eight.

Next up on the viewing agenda: 1981 Australian classic (as recommended by Leon) Puberty Blues and 1976 cult film Massacre at Central High. Let me know if you'd like to join or have any recommendations.

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