Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Good Times co-DJ Jimmy Im celebrated the big 3-0 at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc party. Actually, he celebrated in Atlantic City the weekend before, then in the lower east side that Monday, so it was really his third birthday celebration in five days, or birthday week, if you will.

Bartender Darren is woefully underrepresented here on Twerking, especially since he is the handsomest, nicest, bestest bartender ever-est.

Cameron (left, with Ian) was supposed to interview Swedish pop star Robyn this week and invite her out to the next Good Times party, but that bitch totally canceled on him last minute. The concert was really great though.

This hot San Diego couple told me they're contemplating a move to New York City. I was like, yes please, and then break up so I can date both of you.

Zach needs to show his beautiful face at Good Times more often. He is a godly sight to behold, velour blazer and all.

Sophie and I met in Oxford, England 12 years ago, where we discovered the joys of salt and vinegar chips and hard cider.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! Massimo (left) made a rare weeknight appearance to sing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow to Jimmy, which nobody really can deny. Well, he's broken a few hearts, but still.

America's answer to T.A.T.U.

Pablo popped by for a hot minute to show off his tuxedo-ruffled hoodie, which I dig.

Kelvin (left) and Devin almost having rhyming names but not at all.

Jason (left, with Eric) is totally giving that "look but don't touch" glare now that he's married with two cats as of three weeks ago. Lesbian gays!


Adam, Eric and Richard (from left), admiring a spontaneous Riverdance to the tune of Piece of Me.

Hoodies and chest hair as far as the eye can see.

Russ never really left Eastern Bloc after his Tricky Tuesdays party the night before. He took a siesta, grabbed a bite and came right back to party with the Good Times boys.

Well hello there. And no, I'm not talking about the ATM machine.

Keehnan can't keep his eyes open for pictures.

Cat (left) and Ann are Jimmy's main bitches. Cat just landed a record deal too, so she's about to become head bitch in charge on the New York music scene. Reprazent!

Nick partied with us one last time before flying off to his new home in Buenos Aries, where it is currently summer time. Expect a visit from me in a month or two, Nicholas.

I like to call these two the Vassar boys, even though I only vaguely know them through other Vassar friend and am not even 100% sure they both went to Vassar. But they look like they could have! Then again, so does every downtown homo.

Yes please! The one on the right has a vague resemblance to that Russian model Andre from VH1's America's Next Smartest model, which means yes, I'm interested.

James' string of bad luck continued this week when the Park Slope restaurant that he manages decided to shutter, giving him one day's notice. If you see him walking by, and the tears are in his, look away, baby, look away.

Don't fooled by his California tshirt: Arash is Azerbaijanian (but maybe by way of California).

Undercover Obama canvassers. Trust.

Rico (right) and pal, who mugged for the camera right before exchanging their favorite hair conditioning tips.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT (right)! Why does everyone have a birthday the first week of February? What gang sign is Robert throwing? And where did all the Skittles disappear to?

I think it was this handsome stranger's birthday as well, mostly because...

...his lady friend (pictured here) stormed the DJ booth, told me it was her friend's birthday (happens every time I DJ) and requested Madonna's Hung Up (at a gay bar? Ya don't say.) Then she gave me $10 to play it!

International hand gesture for threesome hunting.

This week, I heard that Dustin once suffered from the same Manhunt-browsing addiction that I recently blogged about. There's help for you yet, Dustin.

Jimmy's dreamy "straight" friend Thomas, partying with the gays.

Jason (left) and Adam threw death metal signs for the duration of the new Janet Jackson single, which is blowing up b.t.w.


Jimmy's boys from Hell's Kitchen trekked down to the East Village to give him 30 birthday (donkey) punches each.

This should be a preview poster for our Valentine's day party next week, except our Valentine's day party is gonna be all single dudes who wanna get it on. None of this lovey dovey couple crap.

Steven from San Fran (right) was surprisingly did not have any out of towners visiting him this week. He should seriously contemplate an NYC tourism company strictly for west coasters.

Jason (right), demonstrating his oral abilities yet again for his Philly friend (left) and Richard, center, who I only ever met dressed up as Amy Winehouse at a Halloween party that turned into a weird nudist party.

I knew there was a funny smell emanating from somewhere. The smell of FIRECROTCH! It even overpowered the photographer, blurring the pic you see before you.

They definitely stumbled into the wrong bar but thought it looked fun anyways and ordered a drink.

Kevin's signature Oops I Did It Again pose. We'll be in San Fran February 21 - 27. Start stalking us now.

How did I go from knowing zero Barretts to three (including the cute one pictured here) in less than two years?

Why do heavier, older men always wander into our party and fall asleep?

Late night drunken BJ antics with Ian and Matt the Baker.

Matt, Keehnan and Adam got all set to pose with the drunken sleeping dude when he suddenly roused himself to consciousness long enough to smile (and ruining our prank) before passing back out on the bench. See you next week, sleeping dude.


For more of Jimmy's birthday week, check out his blog here. He's off to Tahiti for two weeks after the next Good Times, so come wish him well and then get ready for our big Valentine's Day Eve Par-tay. Details to follow.


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