Sunday, February 10, 2008


Unbeknownst to Twerking, Crime Mobb's Princess dropped an oh so solid solo album last month which will probably be the most slept on amazingness since Rasheeda's last full-length. It looks like the first single is shaping up to be Pretty Rave Girl, a eurodance crunk track where producer Lil Jay either sampled or created something akin to that Blue (Da Ba Dee) club track and slowed it down till someone creamed their pants and yelled, THIS IS IT!

Princess - Pretty Rave Girl

Plus, posting about Princess is always a grand opportunity to post the greatest crunk song / video of all time, Stiletto. Pumps. In, the club. Who ever thought that these girls would get crunk?

And THEN, I looked around for what Stiletto's guest vocalist Miss Aisha had been up to and came across an even MORE amazing video entitled Cookie On Ya Grill. Behold.

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Eric Leven said...

So wait..You're boasting this "Pretty little Rave Girl" track as something we should check out but you give no love to Missy's new "Ching-a-ling?" I think this is a product of you being a little too crunk yourself, Mr. Sparber.