Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's hard to let go of something you love, and I loved Morcheeba. Their debut album caught my attention but it wasn't until their second release, Big Calm, that I was captivated. That sitar! Those beats! That voice! Morcheeba encapsulated everything that was late 90s for me, which was mostly dorm rooms and coffee shops.

Unlike their trip hop predecessors Portishead, who'll release their third album in 14 years this Spring, Morcheeba never stopped making albums. Instead, they ditched lead vocalist Skye Edwards (above) and lost their appeal. Instead of branching out experimentally like Tricky (for better or worse), Morcheeba's latest effort, Dive Deep, falls into that half-assed gap of giving the fans what they want and failing miserably at doing so.

NEW Morcheeba (and best song on the album) - Au De La
CLASSIC Morcheeba - Shoulder Holster

Lucky for me, another trip hop ensemble, Alpha, has put out one of the most stellar trip hop cds I have heard since Massive Attack's Protection. It's called The Sky Is Mine.

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