Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Friday afternoon, my friend Roberto (with whom I'm staying) and I ventured downtown near Union Square to Kevin's perfumery, which he's closing up and moving east.

Kevin let Roberto (pictured here) and I smell a variety of his perfumes, which he dispenses out of old perfume bottle he bought on ebay. The honey-scented one was my favorite.

My best friend Andrew (right) drove up from LA to hang out for the weekend. Kevin's friends Charles #1 (left)...

...and Charles #2 (right) also dropped by the offices, where Kevin's shop-girl-by-day/trans-performer-by night Veronica Klaus was finishing up her secretarial duties.

The proud proprietor (right) served us champagne till we got crunk at like, 6pm.

Later that night, we drove back to Aunt Charlie's for the Hot Boxxx Girls show, which includes incredible performers such as this 73-year-old lady who, they kept telling us, "is 73 and stilllllll kickin'."

It was mostly older patrons and then our crew (guy on the right), plus this crazy dude (left) who sat next to me and insisted on showing me pictures of yachts on his iPhone.


That's a man and those are snakeskin-y pants. (Snake skinny jeans should be the next skinny jean trend.)

She looks like Nell Carter (R.I.P.) and she brought down the house.

The door guy resembled a performer in his own right, working a Robin Hood Goes to a Medieval Fair look.

We were told to vacate the aisle, which is like, the only place to stand, because that's where the queens walk the walk, perform and collect their tips. As you can see, they get very very close to the customers.

We left a little early to catch yet another drag show at the Cinch, but not before this Liza lookalike bid us farewell. Until next time, Aunt Charlie's.

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