Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day eve than hosting a Heart party at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc? As in the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson and the sistahs who love them rather than red heart-shaped cut-outs and crepe paper, though that would have been fun too.

Jaime proudly showed off his new God Hates Fag Hags tshirt. He actually got two of these specially made but I like to think he has seven for every night of the week.

Ashton will be bringing his cuteness to Portland, Oregon next week, where he could probably pass for a lez if he shaved his beard and threw on a flannel.

Tim (left) hooked Kevin (right) up with a photo spread in The Advocate not too long ago when they were looking for hip, young latino queers.

Speaking of hip, latino queers, I'd like to take this opportunity to once again remind you that Joe Mejia (left) is in fact BLATINO and not African American. Please make a note of it.

You know there was some group emailing going on during work amongst these four being like, "Okay, if I wear the vest and he wears the jacket, then you two have to duke it out for who wears the tshirt and the sweater."

Michael (left) and friend, who later went to Rite Aid and bought themselves Russell Stover's chocolate samplers. Hey. I've done it too.

Magamet (left) was convinced his scarf would woo the crowd but quickly changed his mind and instead, got really really drunk. Oh, and I love pink flannel dude even though I can never remember his name.

George (left) and I have only spoken for maybe five minutes total in my entire life but he's friends with every single person I know in NYC and they all say he is a sweetheart.

The Bone (left) kept trying to get free drinks from me by telling me his lady friend was in the market for a DJ. I told him I don't work for firecrotches.

Troy (left) turned up with some hot Israeli dude named Oded (right), who had me at Shalom.

Alex's friend (right) totally has floating head syndrome in this pic, kind of like the genie from Pee Wee's Playhouse. Mekka lekka hi, mekka heiney ho!

God may hate fag hags, but fag hags love Good Times!

If I was a narc, I would TOTALLY wear a shirt that says Enjoy Coke.

That's odd. I didn't think we served beer in plastic cups. Do you think Joe smuggled that in himself?

I like to think that Heart was playing while this photo was taken, becasue these dreams DO go on when I close my eyes. Dreams of boys in cashmere scarves and Von Dutch hats, that is.

Hi Casey! Sorry I couldn't post a better picture of you but I know you love my blog and next time, be sure to pose for the camera so I can post something more flattering. Love, Josh

John is quickly becoming a Good Times regular as long as I keep the Lil Kim in heavy rotation.

Paul (left) is about to bike from New York to Brazil. Seriously. Wait till he gets naked later in a few more pictures. You'll understand that he's totally in shape for a such a ride, which will take him a year.

Sean is one of my favorite DJs and barmaids ever. He's super sweet and does a killer Kurt Cobain impression, as seen here.

In the middle of an upbeat, electro dance set, I slowed things down with Heart's Alone, which people kept thanking me for playing. Heart rules!

Jason (left) was a bit tipsy at this point and probably headed home afterwards to man hunt. Next time you see him, ask him to define 'shitty kitty,' a slang term he has coined.

Momma Morton, aka Jen was all kisses once the clock struck 12. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, momma!

Tommy boy, looking as stunning as ever. That nose!


Keehnan (in the Converse) and crew threw down for the Freemason's remix of Kelly Rowland's Work. This ain't gonna be easy.

You are never going to find a Valentine with your arms crossed like that, young man.

Doorguy Scot (left) alleges that some straight dude was all up in his Kool Aid outside Eastern Bloc this particular night. Then again, dudes are always all up in his Kool Aid, as you can see.

Todd (middle, with me and Tim) must have gone tanning earlier in the day because he was looking straight up BLATINO in the flash of the camera.

If this is Pablo's winter wardrobe, I can't wait to see what he wears in the summer.

Justin (left), putting the Bone to sleep with lullabies and Brandy songs.

Or maybe it was me putting the crowd to sleep with Edie Brickell and the new Bohemians. I love that song, but apparently Cameron (left) and Jacob do not.

Braids, a Nike windbreaker and a Wild Style tshirt?!! Amazingness incarnate.

Valdez likes to delete photos of himself that he doesn't like. He also likes to dance with his belt unbuckled and request Britney Spears' Blackout, tracks one through seven.

I love how that cocktail is just floating up toward Willie, yelling drink me!

Sampson (right) and Ryan, who'll be celebrating an Eastern Bloc birthday the first Wednesday in March. With cupcakes!

Kyle go-go dances at Splash in addition to Eastern Bloc, and apparently there's a huge poster of him near the stairwell there, which he hopes to get a hold of so he can hang it over his bed and dream about himself at night.

Sammy was on bartending duty since Darren was in Berlin with his hot porn star boyfriend.

I don't know how Kevin came to be sitting atop Paul's shoulders but I wasn't mad at it either.

And I certainly wasn't mad at more pictures like this either. Behold what you miss when you leave Good Times before 3am.

To Valentine's Day!

Yes please! I'm now considering biking to Brazil myself, though I don't think I'd make it past Canal Street.

End of the night drunkenness, when I had Barracuda and Magic man on blast, plus Alone one more time because it's THAT good.


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