Thursday, June 14, 2007


NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg hosted the annual LGBT barbecue at Gracie Mansion on Tuesday, with resident DJ Sparber.

Look ma! Button-down shirt, no hat! I clean up quite nicely for special events

Project Runway's Tim Gunn introduced the mayor (right) and Christine Quinn. The three of them went on to judge an impromptu runway walk-off with audience contestants, cuz nothing says gay pride like a good walk-off.

Because I was working, NY Times writer extraordinaire Tim Murphy was on camera duty. These are the only strangers among 1000 attendees that he took a picture of though.

I invited friends to experience the majesty of Gracie mansion, including Aron (left), who chatted up my Dad (right) and Mom (not pictured).

MY FIRST OFFICIAL STALKER! This girl would not leave me alone for the entirety of my set. She was like [pointing at the pause button], "What does this do?!" and I was like, that stops the party. Now go away.

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