Thursday, June 21, 2007


I told everyone that this Wednesday would be Madonna week at our Eastern Bloc party, Good Times, in honor of my dear friend Tim Murphy's birthday (Holiday! Celebrate!). I was wrong. Tim's birthday is not until next Wednesday. My bad. The party was still bumpin' till 4am though with drunken revelers and gay swedes.

Diana (left, with Anne and Caitlin) finally made it out to the party after gruelling hours at her new job. Happy graduation Diana! Welcome to the world of working while hungover.

Craig was looking mighty suntanned last night while his friend was looking mighty cute. Well, Craig was looking cute too. Cute and suntanned.

These dudes paused from their makeout session to see what all the flash photography was about.

Joe (left) does his best impression of taxidermy alongside bartender Darren.

My heart is melting from the cuteness of the boy on the right.

Andrew (left) always wears lots of his buttons unbuttoned in a very seductive manner. On an unrelated note, someone told me that he could only pole dance to Pussycat Dolls' Buttons. Needless to say, he did not pole dance last night.

DJ Jimmy Im (left) is recruiting white boys to turn Asian. Matt is victim numero uno.

Mark (left) and Andrew are praying for a Spice Girls reunion and throwing Girl Power peace signs at any and every opportunity.

I think this guy took a picture with literally every person at the bar. He was quite the chatty cathy too.

Deep in conversation? Or about to test the perfect symmetry of a three-way kiss?

Lots of people don't know what to do when you tell them you're gonna take they're picture. I think this guy was just like, A-OK, mate! while his friend was like, ummmm, no.

Dudes look totally wholesome, clean cut and hot when they rock button-downs on their evenings out...

...then they jump up on the pole and the next thing you know, they're cooking up heroin in the bathroom and blowing the DJ in the booth. Just kidding. (More like I wish.)

Brooklyn gays! Actually, I don't think these two live in Brooklyn only because their shirts aren't really all that raggedy. The glasses threw me off.

Hot gay Swede! This guy told me he's from Malmo and that he was really enjoying his time in New York. Why are all Swedes nice and handsome?

Happy Father's Day daddy. I got you a present.

Rich loves getting trashy, even when he's only had like, half a beer to drink.

This guy told me his name twice but I can't remember it for the life of me. I know. I'm a total bigot.

Suzanne made a late-night pit stop at Good Times and ended up staying till they had to kick her out. Then she called me and was like, AFTER HOURS!

Please take note: this is the appropriate depth for a v-neck tshirt.

Bradley just moved here from London and really loved all five remixes I played of Amy Winehouse's Rehab. Okay, I only played two and they were spaced out by a few hours.

Next Magazine in the house! Justin and friend were totally scouting coverboys for future issues. I think they should do an issue totally devoted to gay Swedes living in NYC.

My oh my! Where was this one hiding all night? FYI: I totally have a salt and pepper fetish.

"Hi Ann! I know you want to singalong to Jefferson Starship's We Built This City reallllly realllllly badly but the bar is crowded right now. Sorry!"

This one only wanted to hear Daddy Yankee's Gasolina, so I played and he went bananas in that typical reggaeton scrub-the-ground kind of way.

More gay Swedes! Actually, Tony is from Chile but has lived in Stockholm for like, 20 years or something. Does that make him Swedish? Cuz he's certainly cute enough to pass for a Swede.


I'll be back at Eastern Bloc THIS SUNDAY, June 24th at 10pm till late for a special gay pride DJ set. Come say hi. In Swedish, of course.


diana said...

Ahh, my hangover's completely worth the opportunity to finally grace the East Village gay society page that is

StinkyPoo said...

This blog is genius. Seriously, you should be (even more) famous.

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