Thursday, June 14, 2007


Our weekly Wednesday party at Eastern Bloc was off the meter last night. Jimmy and I played to a packed house of bearded men and their admirers till neighbors upstairs complained of smelling too much sweat. Ewwe.

Everyone's favorite tri-state jew, Eric (left), rubbed up on his favorite party bear daddy, Matt, in honor of an early Father's Day.

Coffeeshop Dan is now 9-to-5er Dan, but he still comes out in the dark of night.

Michael (right) and friend are telepathically requesting Rihanna's Umbrella right now.

Greg and Anya are actual coffeeshop baristas who came by to kick back some brewskis cuz they're European and that's how they get down.

Ashton (left) and Robert held it down for pocket gays around the world. Pocket gays unite!

I don't really think this guy is from Argentina but I wouldn't be surprised. He has that hot foreigner look that makes guys go ga-ga. He also probably likes to request "something spanish."

Who needs the Folsom Street Fair (it's this week in NYC) when you have the wholesome street fair right here. Bah dum bum.

Sammy (right) works at Eastern Bloc on Sunday. You should stop by and throw some dolla dolla bills his way. He's worth it.

Bushy eyebrow alert! Even though I'm the O.G. of bushy eyebrows, I hope this turns into a major trend in 2009.

Ann and Josh got all glamazon while crouching in the DJ booth.

Arley showed up a bit drunk to the party but I convinced him to keep drinking.

Next thing you know, he's up on the stripper podium sucking tit left and right (as in, left and right tit of the woman above).

Finally, some too-drunk-to-be-photographed photos!

Brooklyn gays! I can spot these a mile away. Skinny, tattooed and carrying a canvas bag that has their magic brooms to get them back to Brooklyn before they tapered jeans stretch out.

These two were dancing up a storm. I love that her 'fro is totally consuming him in this pic and he doesn't give a shit.

Doesn't this look like a multicultural alcohol advertisement or something?

Cuteness upon exiting the bathroom.

Craig (right) is only in New York until Friday so Chris and Anne made sure he got completely sloshed.

Craig said to make SURE that I post a pic of his fabulous kicks so that all his friends back in London can gloat. Pink is the new Good Times!

Tall hot dude alert. This guys legs keep going and going but that doesn't mean I'd kick him out of bed. Actually, I probably would because tall guys always take up too much room in bed.

James (left) made his new friend, who is all about making Avril Lavigne photo faces.

Ken and Robert, now rocking post-Memorial Day white duds.

Dan (left) and Ludo are jamming to Jimmy's Motown set.

Charlie K. is the cookie monster of drink tickets.

I ain't mad at it.

The dance party kept going and going and going and going last night. Good Times co-host Jimmy is doing his signature "pop that pussy" move.

This dude would not let me take his picture until I played Rihanna's Umbrella for the 20 millionth time. Then he was like, LETS TAKE ONE TOGETHER. Ummmm, okay.

What's in Andrew's drink? Why is it all glowing and shit? Funky cold medina much?

Paul showed off his Italian fake-tanning realness after getting off work at 2am.

A party ain't a party till a big girl get on the pole and works. See you next week!


thwany said...

jimmy im looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

yeah he is so fine. i see him on queerty all the time.

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