Friday, June 08, 2007


So apparently Ace of Base is bigger than ever. This Wednesday's Good Times party had the boys begging to hear Ace of Base all night long, including (but not limited to) "The Sign", "All That She Wants," and "Beautiful Life."

The French! Ludo (center) brought out two Frenchemen to enjoy our the American customs of getting wasted and ogling boys.

This trio was dancing up a storm and celebrating the fact that their fake IDs worked.

David (right) and crew celebrated their friend in the yellow tshirt's birthday, complete with special birthday present from yet another David (kneeling).

Andrew (left) licked Matt in hopes of tasting some sweet sugar from Matt's bakery. Little does he know, Matt's been raw for nearly two weeks now.

Frank and friends were also celebrating a birthday this week, though I didn't get a chance to say hi. Come say hi next week Frank!

It's that time of year when people start rocking summer destination tees like Cape Cod Ahoy! and Next Stop, Fire Island!

Bill, Marc and Scott (right) who asked why I hadn't posted any pics of him from the last party. Note to readers: I try to post flattering pics as much as possible.

Drunk or European? Or both?

Yes, these two are an item. We were all equally as shocked.

Chris' friend went bananas for Ace of Base's Beautiful Life, though I think at this point, I was probably playing vogue or something equally as 1991.

Your hosts and DJs for the evening, me and Baby C (aka Chris).

Marc and Bill are not-so-secret chocoholics. This is Marc's chocolate withdrawal face.

Nothing to say about this pic, so instead, I'll tell you that the new Rihanna album is so so good.

This elderly dude showed up later on in the evening and started doing pelvic thrusts on the bench.

Shay was like, I don't need to see that! in his best Valerie Cherish voice (from HBO's The Comeback. Lisa Kudrow people. C'mon.)

Cameron came by to scout out cute boys and hand them flyers for his once-a-month Sunday night party called Moustache Ride at Nowhere Bar. It's fun.

Yes, we live in Brooklyn. You gotta problem?

Not only does Cameron give moustache rides but so do all of his friends.

Thrusting dude somehow got shirtless on his own. I think this cleared out the bar for a while.

But all returned to normal when Ludo (center) returned with his friend Chris T. and Ann sparked up an impromptu karaoke session.

"DON'T TURN AROUND! Cuz you're gonna see my heart breakin', DON'T TURN AROUND! I don't want you seein' me cryyyyyyyyyy, JUST WALK AWAY! It's tearin' me apart that you're leaving, I'm letting you go-whoa-oh-whoa...but, I, won't let you know."

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