Friday, June 29, 2007


This week at Good Times, we celebrated the birthday of two very special celebutantes, Mark Pingol and Tim Murphy. Both boys enjoy diva jams, so DJ Jimmy and I made sure to pack as much Madonna and Mariah as possible.

Kevin (left) and friend are bringing sexy back. Doesn't that sound almost retro to say nowadays?

Jesse laid out on his rooftop for like, eight hours straight last week, but I think his burn has finally turned into a tan. Or else its just made him really really shiny.

I'm all about guys with noses like the one on the right. Do you think he's jewish perchance?

Jen and Bob got toasted before the party but still made it till well past midnight.

I was probably playing something like Deeper and Deeper right around now and the kids were loving it.

I have been accused of dating people who vaguely look like me, but these two are like cousins. Identical cousins.

David (right) and friend were all hugs earlier on in the evening...

...while Matt (left) and JR were all kissy early on in the evening. In a friendly kind of way.

Sammy (right) and friend are like, PLAY SOME MANSON!

I love that American Apparel shirt on the right, even if everybody in New York owns it.

Yuki (left) is literally twice as tall his friend on the right but you can't really tell in this picture.

PACKED! Thunderstorms don't mean shit to us at Eastern Bloc on a Wednesday. The party still rages.

These two have a Martha's Vineyard meets Mardi Gras look going on.

Christian (left) and friend did not complain that I didn't play Umbrella ONCE this week. Okay, I played a weird dance remix of it, but so what?!

Happy Birthday Mark!!! (on the left.) His friend Nile (right) was like, you betta play the extended version of Beyonce's Get Me Bodied so I can get my Naomi Campbell walk on!

And happy birthday Timberly! Tim made sure to carry his bouquet around all night so EVERYBODY knew that it was his party.

Cameron (left) and some dude wearing a hot pair of daisy dukes repped for Brooklyn.

Clint (a.k.a. Baby) was totally startled but the taxidermy rooster. Like you've never seen cock before, Clint.

Youtube's Matthew Luke Sandoval made a special guest appearance before going home to work on a musical score, shirtless of course.

Kissy kissy kissy. Everyone was so kissy at Good Times this week.

This is the most romantic picture I've ever taken (although I didn't really take it because I was DJing). The smiles, the disco ball, the Justify My Love soundtrack in the background...

Scott and Dave came through and lovvvvvvvvvved the Shannon song I played, Give Me Tonight.

I don't speak spanish but these guys make me wish I did.

Marc (left) and friend say heck no to techno.

Hi Bill! I heard the pinball machine was broken. I also heard you're a pro when it comes to workin' dem balls.

Kevin's (right) back in town! Now get back on the pole!

Best. Picture. Ever. No caption necessary.

The french are coming! Seriously. Pretty soon there will be more French dudes than Americans in New York if Ludo (left) has his way.

David (left) moved on from hugs to kisses in no time. The rest of the pictures of him are censored for good reason.

Deep V's = out. Very unzipped hoodies on hot guys = in.

Ummmmmm, Scott (left)? Why do photos like this always turn up when someone serves you whiskey?

I hadn't seen David (left) in ages but I think he ran out of there once we started playing Cathy Dennis.

And of course, your co-DJ of the evening, Jimmy Im, flexing his man muscles on wheels of steel. See you in two weeks (I'm gone for the Fourth of July).

Oh, and if you're around this Sunday, July 1st, come by the Cock cuz I'll be guest DJing all night long and playing retardedly fun song's like Lionel Richie's All Night Long.

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