Wednesday, May 23, 2012


At last Wednesday's Good Times get together at Eastern Bloc, the messiest mary of 'em all, DJ Jeff Chatterton, covered for me while I cruised around LA in a convertible getting way too much sun and DJed at some parties called Raunch, Furr Trade and Bears in Space, all of which were major. Since no one snapped photos at Good Times, however, I've dug some unseen photos from last year when my lovely friends Colby B. and Kevin Graves filled in during another jaunt of mine.

Given that these three all chose to wear white tshirts, you would think this Good Times may have happened shortly after last year's Memorial Day festivities in the beginning of June. Unfortunately, the climate and attire inside Eastern Bloc never matches that outside of Eastern Bloc so again, no idea when these photos were taken.

Shorty swing his waaaaaaaaay

Boys and their best Blue Steel model poses.

One of bar owner Darren's more XXX poster choices, which is probably now hanging on a Bushwick bedroom wall that I hope to see one day so I can be like, THAT'S FROM EASTERN BLOC!

That really sexy guy on the left had just moved to New York from Hawaii last year so yeah, I think this party happened last fall, though I haven't seen him out and about in a minute so maybe he's back in Oahu conducting hukilaus.

New York nightlife icon Rainblo (left), who has since gotten more inked up and has even managed to ruffle a few feathers in New York nightlife and that is exactly why we love him.

Our timeless Good Times favorites, Ryan, Steven and Gary (from left), with Gary giving his typical no-photo diva pose and Ryan living his typical Mariah Carey diva fantasy.

I actually just saw Chris (left) in Los Angeles when he popped by Raunch at Faultline where I was DJing, looking as cute as ever and acting as sweet as ever while subtly trying to subvert my DJ set into a pop music bonanza.

I CAN SEE YOUR HALO, HALO, HALO and it's really really red.

Thug misses known what I mean.

Barchy and his buddy, meditating to something like the sounds of Beth Ditto or Karen O. most likely.

Even though I'm sure I told them when they covered, I once again would like to say how much I love Kevin (left) and Colby, two of the hardest working DJs in the game who have been hustling nonstop from Seattle to London and back to New York to bring great music and great energy to everyone they meet.

Yup. Your typical Wednesday Good Times scene at Eastern Bloc. Handsome drunk bearded boys and lots of red lightbulbs and disco balls.

Oooooooooh. Looks like Evans (left) and Telfar may have come from baking class before they popped by and whatever they feasted on looks mad delicious.

SIDEBOOB ALERT! If this party did indeed take place in the Autumn, I'm pretty sure that Brian (left) and Damian have been partying straight on through winter and spring with maybe five nights off TOTAL between the two of them.

I swear that we accept no money from Pabst Blue Ribbon in any way, shape or form, though getting a sponsorship from them wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. Anyone? Anyone?

Joey (right) and Frankie, sitting in a denim-lined and air-conditioned tree (and drinking PBR no less).

BEARDED EAST VILLAGE TWIN FANTASY is about to commence in 3, 2, 1...

And that's it for our long, lost unseen Good Times photo archive. Your guess is still as good as mine as to when this party went down but I still sort of wish I was there. Join us at our next Good Times, May 23, when we welcome the unstoppable and unbelieveable Alex from Tokyo. See ya! xx, Sparber

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