Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Last year, we at Good Times (Wednesdays! Eastern Bloc!) invited a very special guest DJ up from Philly who goes by the name DJ Apt One. (Real name: Fich, pronounced Fitch. Actually, his real name is Michael Fichman but let's not get lost in these details). Fich and I studied together and then became DJs at the same time and though we now live in separate cities, our music tastes are still pretty similar. And by similar, I mean major. 

When I arrived at the party, I was delighted to find former Good Times pinup girl Natasha (aka Natashanista, aka Krys Rayan Artis, aka Purple K) hanging at the bar. Natasha admitted she's been off the sauce of late but was still up for an evening of debauchery.

Happiest of birthdays to Peter Matteliano (second from right), who brought his boys out for a few celebratory drinks and shots and shags. I'm not actually sure who got shagged but I'm hoping it was the birthday boy himself.

The handsomeness that is Shain (left), seated under a shady staircase with two of his peroxided pretties. (INSIDE JOKE!)

London boy toys Alex (left) and Adrian finally had a night of rest and relaxation after a successful stint at executing New York's first Frieze art fair (Adrian) and partying all week like a muthafuckin' rock star (Alex).

Stephen (right) and Eliot also rolled through on the earlier side of things to give kisses, hugs and headbutts for a nominal fee.

I officially need a new pair of glasses, as my 1994 Calvin Klein oval frames simply aren't cutting it anymore. Thanks for the reminder boys! (and still loving the Henleys Jared!)

Doug (right) pretty much went crazy when I played Mike Simonetti and Johnny Jewel's Hollywood Seven, an oh-so-sweet track that I will be mixing into more sets in the very near future.

Keisha (left) was on the fence about changing into this frock early in the night but once she did, every cutie with a booty wanted her Pucci.

That's our guest DJ Apt One on the left, giving major steampunk mustache looks. And that's Stephen in the middle, ready to head butt you.

And to think that Apt One has a wife back in Philly! I'm sure his kids will one day treasure this photo as much as I do.

Really feeling the lining above his jacket pocket. (It's all in the details, isn't it.) Also, reminder to self: Must. Buy. Frames.

It's been a hot minute since I've seen Robert (left, with JC) and since he's no longer Facebook-stalkable, I was delighted to see him in the flesh, looking more handsome and delicious than ever.

During a recent trip to London, I discovered JC's Spanish twin named Luis, who JC agreed is equally as stunning and sexy and identical in a really strange made-for-TV-movie kind of way. (Here TV, that is.)

A not-so-vintage Marilyn Manson moment, courtesy of Jason A.

Me and my future legal team Sam. Sam has gone from being an iconic New York nightlife beefcake to a studious law school beefcake and we couldn't be more proud.


Always so nice to see Next Magazine editrix Ben (right) step away from his nightlife listings and into nightlife itself.

By this point, I'm pretty sure DJ Apt One was in the mix and turning it, as person after person kept coming up to me and asking, who IS this?!

He's all sad that Jeff Chatterton will be the only DJ at the helm at next week's Good Times but the good news is that I'm DJing Raunch at Faultline on Friday and Bears in Space on Sunday in Los Angeles. And a guest spot at Faultline on Saturday too! In LA-appropriate clothing (aka tank tops!)

To my surprise, the amazingness that is Dudley (right) brought through another member of our extended London sisterhood, Roland (left), who just happened to have an identical twin brother that always confuses me (insert pitch for yet another Here TV movie).

And then the dance party started.

Natasha was feeeeeeeeeeeeling her new 'do, which she informed both me and Apt One that it was inspired by none other than Ms. Nene Lekes hunty.

The always adorable James Ryan, doing his always adorable sneeze routine. Or is he laughing? Either way, she is giving major dimples.

Keisha, dropping down low to sweep the floor with it.

But where's Duan?!!

I know it seems like I'm going a little overboard with the Natashanista photos but you would too if you had the opportunity to meet this gem.

APT ONE, in the mix.

Is he faking vomiting or just doing an homage to the late great Kurt Cobain?

Later on, things got real cozy and raunchy over by the front bench by the looks of this photo.

 The Caption This moment of the evening.

Things I learned this week: Xander (left) only eats on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Get into it.

Our party got a whole lot prettier and porntastic when the hunkiness that is Jake (second from left) rolled through with his own pit crew.

From pit crews to pit shows!

Much like every other queen in the bar, J4 (seen here giving Bride of Frankenstein hair effects) was living for Apt One's set.

And then the late night shows started.

Not even sure what is going on here but the camera is covered in fingerprints and Jamil is on the floor so it looks like we ended the night on a high note.

RAINY WEDNESDAYS CONTINUE! Thanks to all who came. See you next week if you're in Los Angeles (remember: Faultline for Raunch or Akbar for Bears in Space). Otherwise, go have a kiki with DJ Jeff Chatterton who is covering at Good Times till I'm back May 23rd with the unbelievable Alex from Tokyo! xo, Sparber

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