Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Once upon a time, I was out at a Los Angeles party called Shits 'n' Giggles when I was introduced to the DJ maestro of the west coast, Victor Rodriguez. Last week, it was my honor to welcome said left coast royalty to guest at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, where he spun a 1954 - 74 soul set that got the children a movin' and a swayin'.

My best buds Kevin (left) and Mikey helped kick off the evening where I played a set mostly inspired by The Magician's latest mixtape. Mikey couldn't stay all that long, however, since he was FLOWN to Milan the following day. Get it gurl!

Jeffrey also came by earlier on for a drink and a chat, where I confirmed that he will indeed be seeing me up in Provincetown at the end of August when I will guest at Fagbash by night and devour way too many fried seafood snacks by day.

The oh so lovely guest of honor, Victor (right), with former left coaster W. Jeremy, who has been busy co-running his record label called Get Up Recordings and pounding more Red Bulls than we can count.

The lovely lady on the right was somehow familiar with my DJ work or mixes and was kind enough to compliment me on my party efforts, to which I went into extreme blushing mode and began blending with that red wall behind her.

Eric used to live with my good friend Michael back when we all first moved to New York City and Eric was still a die-hard Junior Vasquez fan (memories!). Nowadays, Eric is in the ultimate long distance relationship... with an Australian. Frequent flyer miles much?

Frankie, perpetrating a major Madonna tour concert jacket from when her music was semi-decent (which is any era before that Four Minutes to Save the World nonsense came out).

Much to my surprise, former Angelino Aaron Z. (second from left) goes waaaaaaaaay back with guest DJ Victor to like, the gold rush days of Los Angeles or something. 

W. Jeremy was a bit excitable on Wednesday and spilled a bit of my cocktail on me but since he is Jersey's most loveable DJ bear, all is forgiven (though I bet he won't forgive me for making mention of if yet again. Sorry Jerbear!).

Jeff (right, with Will) broke the ultimate Fire Island gossip to me, revealing that Ice Palace promoter Daniel Nardicio somehow nabbed Liza Minelli for a performance later this summer, which might just outdo the time Cherry Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers erupted nude from a fake volcano behind the Belvedere WHILE PREGNANT WITH CHILD.

"20 feet away."

We were all so sad that our funk soul brother Gant Johnson—who introduced me to Victor, sings Victor's praises nonstop and even texted me to say how much wished he was there—couldn't come that Frank braided up a Pocahontas look and I played I'm an Indian Too in Gant's honor

Xander (with Idan), taking neon to places it ain't never been before.

Is wearing red anywhere outside of downtown Manhattan still a gang related thing? Or is Jamil just giving some post-gang Bloods and Crips realness that is about to become the lewq on the pages of Dis Magazine? Stay tuned.

This "One Gay at a Time" sign is pretty much the go-to photo destination for every patron of Eastern Bloc, local and non-local, including our very own nightlife photographers Jeff (right) and Santiago.

For a minute there, I squinted and thought that the dude on the right was actually Jew pop superstar Ari Gold, also known as Sir Ari Gold if you're nasty.


The handsomeness that is known as the leader of the New York Israeli youth invasion. He is also known as Shahar and I had the pleasure to cut a rug with him not only Wednesday (Victor's soul set was BEYOND!) but on Saturday as well, where Ron Like Hell, Ryan Smith and Mike Servito turned it out at Ron and Ryan's Wrecked party.


Since Kelvin was not on hand to snap photos, I had to take some sleuth-y point and shoots while sippin' on some sizz-urp, as you can see in this uber-candid shot here.

The one on the left is pretty much begging for trouble by siting directly below that massive Eastern Bloc sign that says FREE MUSTACHE RIDES.

In these parts of the world, we call this the Predator Grip, as once coined and demonstrated on multiple occasions by our buddy Mikey Lollo.

BREAKING: James (left) is quitting his long-running gig at a restaurant in Brooklyn to devote more time to writing and artistic endeavors, like seeing that new Courtney Love "art" show with me. Yay!

Black leather everything was happening at this end of the bar. And now that coat check is no more, I wouldn't be surprised to find a sling hanging in that little space behind the "game room" area.

Bar back Rob transformed into bartender Rob last Wednesday and many of the patrons subsequently transformed into lovesick drunks in a really good way.

I'm neglecting to mention the unbelievable soul songs that Victor spun on his high tech setup but lets just say that by this point in the evening (2am? 3am?), everybody in the bar was dancing up a storm just as Victor had predicted.


Being that next week is my birthday fiesta Good Times (along with London's Duchess of Pork, who will be guesting with me and also celebrating her birthday), I'd like to request a plethora of bronze, handsome men such as these two at this particular spot next to the DJ booth for the duration of the evening. Please and thank you.

This was the 3am dance party to be at.

Let the beat control your body.

Now let my beats control your body.

A huuuuuuuge thank you to the incredible Victor Rodriguez (here, with a bleach blonde Nita!), who turned out the party and then some. Can't wait to see him and the rest of the LA gang when I head west for Raunch and Bears in Space May 18th. Until then, see you next week for International Taurus Birthday Appreciation Good Times, aka my birthday party. xo, Sparber

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