Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since I was unable to properly celebrate the Jewish New Year when it actually occurred (I was in Greece. Not the most Jewish place on earth, FYI), I waited until I returned to New York and my weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc to ring in 5772 properly: with Manischewitz, Ladyfag and the entire Good Times family dancing the hora.

For the first time EVER, I overslept for my own party! Blame jetlag, but being greeted by Peter's smiling face helped put me in the Good Times frame of mind.

Colin (right), picking a winner! I'm sure in some culture, a ginormous booger on New Year's means you'll have lots of wealth, health and happiness in the coming year. I'm pretty sure that custom isn't practiced in Jewish culture though.

Rabbinical scholars, out on the town to study the kosher beers we keep at Eastern Bloc.

It was nice to be greeted by so many joyful and happy people who I hadn't seen in the two weeks I was away. Then there were these four, who I've never seen in my life but they still seemed pretty darn happy.

I said a Jewish prayer before leaving the house and somehow, god heard me because he finally sent my favorite Dominicano booty shaker, Joel (left) to Good Times for the first time in eons. 5572 will be a good year indeed.

Chrissy (left) and her handsome bearded fella, who is showing just enough chest hair to give me shpilkes in my geneckteckessoink.

My right hand Jew man, Eric (right) has been helping us out with our Good Times Jew parties for forever now and he always seems to bring the perfect party accessories: yarmulkes, jew harnesses, and this time around, a hot hairy furball.

BACKPACK ACCESSORIZING AND DENIM VESTS! Your Autumn 2011 fashion has arrived.

Paolo, Peter, and James (from left) showed up on the earlier side of things to maybe celebrate the day of birth of our good buddy, Mike Gilbride. Or maybe they just showed up early to spook me when I overslept and showed up looking and acting a bit delirious.

It's been a year and a day since I've seen Santi (left, with Michael), who is now a big and famous photographer David LaChapelle style. Well, maybe not LaChapelle just yet but he's on his way.

Very high fives.

What better way to start off the Jew Year than with an introduction to the cute new Jew in town. Meet Shahar (left), Israel's newest export who even worked synagogue services up in Westchester during this year's high holy days to prove what an adorable mench he is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE GILBRIDE!!!! (right.) We wish you health, happiness and many more champagne-in-a-bubble-bath photo shoots the coming year.

Another shot of Devin (left) and Kyle, because they were really letting me have it with these looks last Wednesday.

The L train is indeed running and we are thankful for it because we love our Brooklyn brothers and sisters. In fact, we're DJing out at Metropolitan Bar again on Friday, October 21st and we're packing our favorite DFA and Dirty Bird records for it.

And speaking of upcoming gigs, I am getting super psyched for my big return to Seattle, where I'm DJing this month's Comeback party (October 28th) and then on to San Francisco, where I'm headlining (!) Ms. Juanita More's Halloween: A Red Carpet Runway Massacre party Oct. 29th. Dying. Literally.



Proving that you need not have a beard to celebrate Rosh Hashana or any party at Good Times for that matter. (But it does help if you have one.)

Apart from being the fiercest Jewess in New York City, Ladyfag is also the hostess with the mostess and that is why her besties always come party with her, like Brian, Slava and Michael (from left).

If you haven't seen the music video I made this week for Xander's underrated 2009 track The Look, go to my youtube channel (joshsparber) and watch it now. It's pretty much homage to my number one slinky wearing, snuggie loving nyc nightlife muse.

James and Willy apparently gagged when I played Moby's Everytime You Touch Me, because nothing says happy Jew Year like Moby.

I love love love when the fourth Kardashian sister makes an appearance at Good Times.

How do I love these two, let me count the ways: Vandam, Clubber Down, all around awesome music, clothing and personalities. You get the idea.

Spontaneous wrestling move realness.

Andrew, Kev, Paulhino and Kevin Baker (from left), who's giving a Muppets-meet-Michael-Jackson pink tank top effect.

Two of my favorite Francophones, Lulu (left) and Febreeze, center, delighted me with a surprise appearance and would have delighted me even more if they had brought along French and Belgian sweets, as it is Jewish tradition to ring in the new year with sweets (no joke). Next year!

More furry chesticles, since I know that's the only reason you look at these photos anyway.

Vogue revolution dance classes, now happening in the "game room," aka the corner of the bar with the two arcade games.

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS GERARDO! We know you miss Mexico but we are happy you have found your second home here with us at Good Times.

Fabrice, giving Ludo the classic tune-in Tokyo titty twister.

BEHOLD! THE MAGIC OF FREE MANISCHEWITZ! We went through two bottles of this sweet serum rather rapidly, thanks to the Seva (left), Jason (right) and Natasha (not pictured, because she was taking a catnap after ODing on the Manischewitz).

Dancing on his own.

We hear that Alon (left) is moving back out to Fire Island mid-October till November 1st, when he returns to the city with the gift of the gods, LINA. The other gift of the gods, Lucio (right), somehow snuck in and out of the party without me noticing so I'm hoping he's back next week for Another Night of 1000 Courtneys, our Courtney Love / Hole party with guest DJ Formika.

Marc (right), Brian Kenny and Brian Kenny's wild and amazing top, which he needs to lend to me or point me toward the vendor ASAP. Thanks Bri!

Nothing says Good Times like beards, black leather and a PBR in hand.

TRIPLE KISS. Yes, its that time of the evening ladies and gentlemen.

Loving that Frankie got into the holiday spirit with that Judaica sweatshirt.

A TOAST TO 5772!

The Stanley Kubrick goth twin moment of the evening.

I had to do a double take when I saw this photo (with the flash off. Thanks Kelvin!) just to be sure that that wasn't Natasha bending Rob over and giving it to him like the dog he is. Conclusion: that ain't Natasha.

Now trending for fall 2011 and winter 2012: men in lipstick. We adore.

Good Times just wouldn't be good times without our devoted bar back, barman and seasonal coat check, so a big thank you to Rob, Sammy and Marc (from left). L'shana tova!

Kelvin the photographer's self-portrait. Also did a double take on this one thinking that that might have been Telfar in the mirror but nope, just Kelv.


L'shana tova! Happy Jew Year to all! Until the next Jew party (aka Hanukkah) or Courtney Love Good Times next week with the one and only Mistress Formika! xo, Sparber


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