Wednesday, October 26, 2011


With so many New York-based dance music projects of late (including but not limited to artists such as Honey Dijon, House of Stank, Nita Aviance, Under Cover, Tayisha Busay, Erickatoure Aviance, Escandalo and more), we at Good Times at Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays!) figured it was high time to celebrate our New York friends who have been hustling to put out some great new dance music, which I like to call nu house from nu york. And who better to do it than Sean B. of Spank fame?

Demonstrations of flexibility are always a great way to "kick" off the evening. Buh dum bum.

Don't be fooled by Sean's seemingly tie-dyed jacket (left) and his hubby's seemingly sweat-stained tshirt. It was raining cats and dogs yet again during last week's Good Times party, which didn't keep the ever-so-stunning Justin Bond away, though it seems she may some how magically repel rain.

EURO-SWEATER! on a euro-cutie.

Not sure why I felt compelled to post this pic except that she's giving me slight Alicia Silverstone Clueless vibes and those are the kinds of vibes I can always get into.

Curly ginger in a paisley print vibes on the left, while his friend is bringing new meaning to a deep-V sweater.

Bartender Darren is off in Berlin reenacting the lyrics to Rihanna's hit song S&M, so in his place, our favorite DJ-turned-bartender/coatchecker who will soon be resuming his DJ career, Tekshur (aka Marc), filled in.

GOOD TIMES HEARTS STEVEN B. AND HIS BF TOM (left and left) and we will be very sad to be DJing three parties in San Francisco this coming week (Juanita More's Halloween Massacre, Booty Call, Some Thing) without their presence.

Umbrella fashion accessorizing. You know Brett owns a brolly in ever color of the rainbow.

FORNABISH! Tony (right, with the handsomeness that is Art) was apparently on a Wednesday night East Village bar crawl for the first time in eons, which naturally meant he had to make an appearance at Good Times which lasted a good few hours before he found his way home...or to Boiler Room.

Guest DJ Sean B. (right, with his DJ boyfriend Jeff. DJ COUPLES RULE!), known as being one-half of the awesome party duo Spank, did his first solo Good Times guest stint with us last week and turned this mutha out with some fierce house despite our lack of subwoofers and ecstasy dealers.

Brando (left) will only pose making funny faces and will then complain that I only post photos of him making funny faces.

Elliot (left) and Brett loving our mix of Holy Ghost and Midnight Magic and that new Holy Ghost remix of Midnight Magic.

Greggy (right) and his bolo tie. BOLOS ARE BACK IN 2012 Y'ALL. You've been warned.

In addition to DJs Michael Magnan (left, wearing his own amazing fashions that are now for sale), Nita and me, we had DJ Daryl Raymond sitting right next to me and Keisha, who promptly declared, "Ooooooh child! Iffa bomb went off in Eastern Bloc right now, there'd be no downtown DJs left in New York gurl."

Now is as good a time as any to remind you that at the next Good Times, we have rock 'n' roll legend Miss Guy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) DJing a night of Cher and Dolly Parton (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with yours truly.

Richard (right) and Kevin under the romantic taxidermy deer necks.

No one throws side-eye the way Tai Chi can throw side-eye. And that's why we love him.

Speaking of our loves, we chatted up another amoré of ours, Lucio, who is apparently headed to Vietnam for a month to oversee his clothing production before retiring to Argentina for a month to see some friends and relatives. And I thought DJing Comeback in Seattle this Friday was all glamorous.

Daryl clued me in to a high-brow celebrity Q&A that took place this week at the learning Annex which he was sure would sell out IMMEDIATELY. It was with Drita from Mob Wives, the Albanian kickboxing chick whose babies' daddy has been in prison for like, four out of the five years they've been together. Sadly, we missed it but Daryl said he and Drita really bonded.

Speaking of bonding, let's play our favorite Good Times game of who will Shaquanda be bonding with tonight?

Finally, some posing and some runway. Exactly what this party needed right around 2am.

Cuchi fritos.

Paul, Kevin and some hot bearded dude in a mad dog sweatshirt who should have been drinking Mad Dog 20/20 but had to settle for a vodka soda long after our $1 vodka 11pm - 1130pm special had ended.

What the fuck is up with this weather? Seriously. Is mother nature an angry lez who thinks its funny to have it rain each and every Wednesday. OVER IT. Dear Mother Nature, please make it stop raining and I promise to do that Night of 1000 Toris me and Jeff Chatterton have been talking about for a while. Thank you. Love, Sparber. PS - Make it warm in SF next week!

Jefferson, looking almost like Cazwell if you squint your eyes real hard and pretend that Cazwell came from the south of Brazil.

I swear that Big Scot was indeed working the door and did indeed card these two young'uns.

And the answer to our game is...THIS GUY! This is the guy Shaquanda will be bonding with tonight. Can I also just say that Shaquanda really brought the Trinidadian dance moves out to Metropolitan on Friday night, which is why I played that moombahton/soca/dancehall set. And the kids loved it.


Gurl I'll House You.

The point of the night when Kelvin yelled, "Come take a photo with this guy and hold his necklace and yada yada yada sweet jesus." Not sure if this photo is the most sacreligious thing to happen to Christianity since that whole child abuse scandal, but if it is, SORRY!

Barback Rob, practicing his scary faces for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

And one last side-eye from JR before we call it a night. Thanks Sean B. and everyone who braved the rain! See you next week with guest DJ Miss Guy for Dolly & Cher night. And then Seattle. And San Francisco. And a few days in Portland too! xo, Sparber

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