Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Somewhere during our tenure at our Wednesday night Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, East Village rocn 'n' roll fag bar founder Formika (aka Mistress Formika) snuck into the fold as the Eastern Bloc Saturday night resident. Since Formika doesn't exactly get to play rock on Saturdays, we figured why not have him guest at our annual Night of 1000 Courtneys. If ever there's a DJ that knows rock, it's Formika and he really let us have it.

An early evening cameo by youtube sensation Sherry Vine! I think Sherry was coming from Arias With a Twist and maybe performing at the Monster later on but it is always a joy to see Sherry, even if its only twice a year as the lady loves to work (and werq).

Who cares about winning a Glammy nightlife award when the shining stars are clearly all out and aligned right here: (from left) Rich King, Formika and Natasha.

Now that summer is over, Colombians like Cesar are turning into secret white boys just in time for Halloween.

Frankie (left) and Wesley, who appears to be catnapping it before he lets his inner Courtney loose.

Yowzers. Clearly this was the girl with the most cake on the right who chose not to eat the most cake or any cake at all. And we ain't mad at it in the least.

ROCKER CHICKS! And he's even wearing a Debbie Harry tshirt too.

For those of you who aren't so fond of rock 'n' roll (no insinuations about the cuties pictured here), we'll be back to our regular scheduled nu house and nu disco with an emphasis on nu york at next week's Good Times with guest DJ and one-half of Spank, Sean B.

Wishing the one on the left would speak dirty arabic to me and make me wear a burka.

Robert (left) and Paulhino, drying one another off as it was raining cats and dogs outside but somehow only the dogs made it inside. Buh dum bum!

Get into the zebra print footballer shorts, children. Straight from the Oakland Raiders to the crotch of yours truly. And speaking of Oakland, I'm counting down the days till my Halloween DJ gigs in San Francisco and Seattle. It's gonna be big.

Justin (left) and Brett, sippin' on a glass of Drown Soda, which I'm pretty sure I included in my set though I'm having a blackout moment in true Courtney fashion.

It's been ages since I've seen my buddy Marc (left), who used to work for Oprah's magazine and should really get his own show on her OWN channel for something sweet and cute like dressing up dogs in Halloween costumes but year round.

Standing in front of the bright white portal that leads you from Good Times straight to gay rock 'n' roll heaven, where Live Through This can be heard with the snap of your fingers.

Diego (left) and his buddy, getting into Formika's reggae rock and English Beat set, which was pretty much the peak of the evening.

Is it me or are the hot Israelis multiplying?

Asking for it.

WELCOME BACK RICHIE! Rich (left) used to live in New York but now has a house and husband in Seattle and I'm staying with them again when I DJ Comeback (!) on October 28th because they're amazing hosts and Richie makes the best eggplant parm ever.


Playgirl's Daniel Nardicio (shockingly with a hairless fella!) is resurrecting his best-named party of the year, Octoberfist, which we've never been to but we hear its a handful.


FYI, Good Times coat check is now open and ready for business so no need to stash your leftover dinner in the DJ booth anymore, as we have the hunky Marc I. (right, with Rob) overseeing your belongings and any other services you might need from him.


Drinks tomorrow for Colin (right) and Jeffrey. And the day after. And the day after. And the day after...

Richie and Richie and a fucking Twin Peaks tshirt! GAGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Yes, JR's finger is so far up his nose he can literally tap into the creative part of his brain where all his brilliant scripts come from. True story!

All night long, Natasha was partying with the most amazing woman I had ever met named Sunday (right). Sunday is this badass rock 'n' roll chick who would headbang to every track Formika and I played, be it L7 or Led Zepplin.

This photo does no justice to the sexiness that is Olivier (left) but it was the only one Kelvin snapped so we'll have to roll with it for now and hope he comes back next week for a better photo op.

Getting ready to terrorize the patrons and dancefloor of Good Times.

Let the terrorism, BEGIN!

Fags, beer and rock 'n' roll. As anyone at this party could attest, we need to do a gay rock 'n' roll party on the regular. And rock 'n' roll needs to make a mainstream comeback stat. I mean, Maroon 5? Really?

Giving you moves like Jagger.

More grunge fash-ohn, which is the best we could do this year as none of our Courtney impersonators came through for lack of promoting better. There's always the smeared red lipstick Courtney costume for Halloween though!

And then we started doing shots.

Sunday, turning it the fuck out on the pole to god knows what. The Ting Tings? The Cult? She is so hired for the next rock 'n' roll party we do, which Formika and I decided needs to be L7 night.

Remember when everyone dyed their hair this color with Kool Aid cuz Kurt did it on the cover of Sassy with Courtney? I may have tried it myself despite having next-to-black hair and not understanding the fundamentals of the coloring process.

GRUNGE MAKEOUT SESSION! while sporting a Nirvana tee. Oh so classic.

"Take you to heaaaaaveennnnnnn to-night."

Speaking of heaven, from now on we will be referring to Kevin (right, with John Paul or JP if you're nasty) as Heaven, since he is indeed heavenly in oh so many ways.

Natasha went in for the crotch grab and apparently didn't stop, as I swear this photo was NOT posed at all.

This photo, however, may have been a bit posed. But I like to think she was really doing this outside to our awesome doorman Big Scot, which is quite possible.

So if you couldn't tell from the other pictures, these bitches (along with Formika) turned. It. OUT.

Thanks to everyone who came through despite the rain. We might have a few drizzles next week but that ain't gonna stop me and Sean B. from dropping nu house and nu york tracks from Escandalo, Under Cover, Erickatoure, Nita, Austin Downey and more. See you there. xo, Sparber

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