Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Good Times, the gay pride edition! And what better way to celebrate queerdom than to toast the biggest fruit of all? LITTLE RICHARD! Add in the soul stomper sounds of DJ Scott Ewalt and DJ queen of oldies but goodies, Michael T. and we had a regular rainbow colored sock hop on our hands.

Weekend at Bernie's much?

John Roberts and his real-life inspiration for his Deborah and Jackie youtube videos.

This must have been during my set when I played Shake a Tail Feather or it's Pony Time, get up! (boogety, boogety, boogety, bogety shoo!)

Wow. Swedest Good Times isn't till next week but the blue eyes were in full effect.

Who doesn't love dancing to some Etta James or the Dovells?

I can't even envision where they're laying, let alone what they're doing. But of course, the one on the "bottom" is Shaquanda. She's like the Joey Stefano of our generation.

Oh Mark P. (right), how I love thee, and not only because you came to three of my parties in one week but because you are the best ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I like to call these three the Pontani Sisters. They're looks were beyond and their dancing was even better. And they partied till the break of dawn.

Ricky rocked around the clock with us, through old school Tina Turner and Good Golly Miss Molly.

Adam (center) and his tank top tittied friends.

Andreas commented on how he loved the oldies, soul vibe of the party and someone else approached me to tell me that parties like this was the reason they moved to New York. Like, sock hop parties? Or just ball-to-the-wall wild parties?

Charles plus Joan equals too much diva for this camera to handle.

Everyone got pretty blitzed early on. Oldies will do that to you. At one point, bartender Gabriel was like, we should do a party like this every month! It's true - gays love oldies.

A whole lotta shakin' goin' on...down there.

For once his handsome face is covering up the naughty bits on the Eastern Bloc wall that have gotten me in trouble with the facebook censors one too many times.

Slut kiss girl won't you promise her smack is she pretty on the inside... she pretty FROM THE BACK?!

I'm sure I was playing the Shangri-La's Give Him a Great Big Kiss (mwah!) when this pose was struck.

Charlize and Andy, cheeks to cheeks.

The man of the hour, Mr. Scott Ewalt, who not only turned it out with his major soul set but came dressed in fierciest Little Richard shirt ever.

Mikey's back! I know all my readers were worried because she was missing for a good week and a half but it turns out she just had a nasty case of strep (so she says) and even lost a few pounds from not getting plastered every night.

Is his harness XXL or is that a leash in disguise?

Unexpected party of the century! Seriously. Like, nothing is gonna top this (until Michael Magnan guests in two weeks for Another Nite of Deee Lite. With a performance by Lady Miss Kier impersonator Spectra Gramm!)

Michael W. (left) and his daddy posse, in celebration of a belated daddies day.

Michael T., who did the late set, and Scott really fucking turned this party out. I don't really remember the rest of the night because it was THAT GOOD but I do remember that Michael played Wipeout and I did a spontaneous headstand.

And then he played Leader of the Pack. And then he played the Beach Boys' I Get Around!

The Pontani Sisters, losing their minds with the rest of us.

Ring around the collarbone?

THE BEAUTY SYMMETRY OF A TRIPLE KISS. This one for the books, my friends.

"Round round get around, I get around."

Thank you to Scott (right) and Michael and everyone who came out for the best soul screamer sock hop I've ever been to (or thrown) ever. See you next week for Swedest Good Times.

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