Wednesday, June 09, 2010


We should be so lucky in love with the Mingoue sisters as to have a Wednesday Good Times party for them at Eastern Bloc every single week. At last week's party, we pitted Kylie against Dannii for the second round (and edition) of our popular Minogue vs. Minogue showdown.

I thank the gods that delivered Rainblo back to us here in New York after his exile in California which felt like a decade. FYI - Rainblo's goal in 2010 is to visit all the Disney parks around the globe. Konichiwa Mickey!

Solid grooves in solid colors. Speaking of which, Honey Dijon will be giving solid disco grooves at next week's Good Times.

Shorties swing my way, especially when those shorties are the cuteness that is DJ Will (left) and Ryan R. (right).


Davy (right) and friend were happy to hear as many remixes as possible of Dannii Minogue's When You Touch Me Like That, as they both hailed from Team Dannii.

Scott Anthony (right), however, brought the heat for Team Kylie with a jailhouse hand tattoo (thank you Adam Klesh) and a home-altered Kylie cutoff.

All I wanna dooooooooooooooo...

I'm not sure the cuteness in the center was alive when the D.A.R.E. program on his tshirt was actually in effect but I dare him to wear something even more revealing next week.

Why oh why does Tim have that merde-eating grin on his face? Could it be his new piece de resistance named Damien (right)?

Lezzing out, Mylie Cyrus steez.

Too hard to say if these four are on Team Kylie or Team Dannii or just here for the free vodka from 11 till 1130.

We love us some Paul, who biked to Brazil and back just to watch Kevin turn black this summer. Note how dark he is and its only THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE.

Ryan in his Kylie concert tee, though we have insider information that Ryan is very much a part of Team Dannii too, especially when Dannii is wearing Joan Collins' wig.

Team Germany (aka Nikola and Markus, from left) are actually good friends with Kylie's hot German backup dancer Marco, though they got to see Lil Kim in concert with me instead of a Kylie show, which is like, 10,000 times better anyway.

Leggy Bundy.

Eastern Bloc hot commodity Peter G. (in the blue), who made a special early request via email for Light Years, which also happens to be my favorite Kylie song of all time. Thank you Giorgio Moroder sample machine.

Luey and posse, putting their hands up for New York, our lovely city.

Medo (left), helping Andre with his lifelong dream of becoming Jewish by injection.

Tony (left) and Sean, who actually came through as opening DJ for this party at the very last minute and turned everyone the fuck out with his euro pop dance tunes and obscure Kylie and Dannii duet of the Winner Takes It All.

The wiener takes it all.

Oops! Thought this was John (right, with Jeffrey) of the Johns, who do an amazing cover of Hole's Miss World, which I'm hoping they play when they perform at Folsom East in a week.

We're also doing William's (right) strictly rock 'n' roll birthday (aka Pixies night) in one more week so you can stop shampooing your hair now.

I think the general consensus was that Team Kylie might have won this round, but that's only because Kylie has a new video, new album and made a few appearances in New York this week. We would be more than happy to host and DJ an NYC Dannii concert anytime she feels ready to conquer our city.

My newest neighbor (and longtime Good Times regular) Andrew, who helped me move my new credenza yesterday. All I need now is a (who do you) loveseat.

Makeout party at the bar behind these two lovely ladies of the late night. See you next week for Honey Dijon Does Disco Good Times!

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