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Ms. Keisha Aviance has snatched a few trophies in her day and could most certainly snatch another for her role in East Village nightlife. In honor of beloved Keisha's birthday, we threw her a Blaxploitation Good Times at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc party last week, complete with her most sough after gifts: guest DJ Gant Johnson and Popeye's fried chicken.

Evans and the new wall decor at Eastern Bloc, inviting you to cum into our house and give me body.

Speaking of giving you body, Casey was letting us have it with his sheer look and his hair au naturel.

Keisha's birthday was pretty much an all around family affair, featuring the sexy daddy (Rich, left) and the family prodigy known as Nita (left).


Needless to say, the Popeye's was a major hit.

I could not get enough of One Half Nelson's hat, which he told me was a drag me down (aka a hand me down from a drag mother) from Jojo Americo, who must have like, 50 of those hats.

Cute boys in the corner, totally scared by the crumbs and grease that were flying everywhere as I played Keisha's favorites, including Rebbie Jackson's Centipede.

Troy (left) and his handsome suspender buddy, all shiny after polishing off a chicken breast. I'm not even going to mention the details of the calorie counts Popeye's now has their menu.

Remember when Nelson did blackface for that Grace Jones party?! Talk about blaxploitation.

A Birdy and a chicken wing.

This dude snatched the ENTIRE chicken nugget box while I was changing songs and went to town, though I can't really blame him. Popeye's has that effect on folks.

If Delilah (right) never dons drag again, my second wish is for him I don't have a second wish. I just REALLY want to bring back his glory days of Miss Fire Island entertainer of the year 1998 AND 2001.

And while we're on the topic of Fire Island, I'll be DJing high tea and the Pavillion underwear party in the Pines for the next three consecutive Fridays, wearing something akin to the tank tops and short shorts seen on this fourgy of cuteness.

Dude on the left was living for the Popeye's as he seemed to squeeze three meals into our six hour party.

Lots of ladies from the House of Aviance turned up to support their sister, including Scott Aviance (right) and local barmaid Garrett.

One 21-piece chicken meal, three orders of chicken tenders and 30something chicken nuggets. Little did I know about the fried biscuits, which everyone was bullshit that I didn't order. Next time! (aka Charles' birthday).

Discarded promo shot for that Spanish film Bear Cub. Blaxploitation Bart Simpson, courtesy of moi!

When it came to Casey's look, it was pretty much Depeche Mode: I just can't get enough.

Provincetown bear week is right around the corner. Get your XL Woof tshirts ready.

I'm guessing these two might pass on bear week.

Desserts, anyone?


Berghof (right) and buddy, eagerly awaiting our pop princess party at the next Good Times, which will be another round of........MINOGUE vs. MINOGUE! And we hear that Kylie's in town so maybe if we build it, she will come. Or maybe Dannii will take the prize this time.

Back to our birthday princess...

...who was feeling guest DJ Gant Johnson's blaxploitation beats AND films, which played on the TVs throughout the night as Keisha recited random five-minute dialogue snippets.

I lurve you Telfar. Money can't buy you class but it can buy you one of Telfar's amazing fashion designs.

WARNING: You may not recognize Mikey (center) after this week's pictures, as he has now bleached his hair blond, shaved his beard and has been seen at numerous twink parties in the West Village such as Pieces' karaoke.

The mamas and the papas.

Gant Johnson turned this mutha out. He also offered up the blackest beats around in addition to the Popeye's remainders, which were hard to come by by 1am.

Blue hair trend alert! I will be jumping on this with a blue beard when that live-action smurfs movie is closer to being released.

MOTHER JUAN AVIANCE! Truly the mother of us all.

JR (right) and Jeffrey, already singing along to Kylie Minogue's Spinning Around since they don't know the lyrics to any of the Three Degrees' tracks that Gant is playing.

F.B.S. Also known as fat bitch snacks. And we love 'em.

Good Times is now welcoming all honeymooners who can't afford a summertime getaway but still want to feel the magic on their wedding night.

Even more ecstasy. What's in that Popeye's recipe?

The wicked witch of the feast.

Because truly, at the end of the day, Good Times is all about props.

You never know who will pop up in the wee hours of our party, such as a summer-suited Shane Aaron (right) and company.


William, left, who is having a rock 'n' roll Good Times birthday in two weeks, and Andy, who has been going to the gym 5 times a day to prep for his Fire Island bartending shifts, both looking mighty fiiiiine.

And in typical Keisha fashion, it was suddenly curtains for youuuuu (with cash in hand).

Did you hear the one about the sudden sleeper?

Creepy I'm-gonna-rape-this-passed-out-tranny pic.

Oh. Actually Andrew (right) and Scott were still dancing to whatever I was playing at this point, which was probably a whole lotta Donna Summer.

Last call! Which is when Keisha woke up and snatched that final chicken trophy Gant had saved for her in the DJ booth. See you next week at Minogue vs. Minogue Good Times!

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