Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So much to celebrate! My birthday, Darren's birthday, random 22 year old birthdays, Cinco de Mayo day and so randomly, we made this a Nicki Minaj kinda day. And by Nicki Minaj day, I mean all Nicki, all night.

Luey (with the camera) and friends had been drinking at Blockheads since 6pm. Excuse them if they got a little rowdy the minute I dropped I Get Crazy.

Category is fem queen realness and Times Square Bomber realness.

Call him Mister Flintstone cuz he can make your bed rock.

For all my non-American readers, New York City cinco de mayo is akin to, ummm, New Years Eve, St. Patrick's Day or any other national holiday excuse to drink and let your tongue hang out like this.

Ryan (right) was miffed that I wouldn't play that crappy remix Nicki did with Mariah Carey but Anddy (left) continued Shakin it for Daddy nonetheless.


Yes, bitches. I said that seat was reserved for Sean so get up out his face.


Miss Stephanie Stone had a special birthday present in store for me and bartender Darren in the form of a Judy Garland ditty and let me tell you: it was EVERY-TING.

Which one of these is on K. Actually, which one of these ISN'T on K.

Pausing for a NY Minute.

Kevin F. could only be letting you have it hear to the tune of Nicki's Single Ladies remix. This was major dance party at like, 11pm. Thank you cinco de mayo happy hour.

Cator (center) was feeling quite grope-y that night, though I'm glad to see he didn't discriminate between the ladies and the gents.

Talkin' bout friennnnnnnds forever, always will be there.

Be his little freak!

And as another special birthday present to me, I invited the only DJ who could do Nicki, Telfar, to come and make them kids start strippin' in the club.

Put her in a sandwich!

Sandwiches 4 everyone!

I love you Jon Jon! And I don't love when I'm caught goofing around with my boob like that .

Epiphany dropped by to remind us that money can't buy you class (which, incidentally, Telfar played!)


An army of gays in greys.

Early drinking soon gave way to early blackouts and early evenings, though our super duper regulars stuck around to see what goes on late night, which can sometimes nudity, pizza and kamikaze shots with Michael T.

Though this week, we pretty much just caught up on the gossip...

...and wished Darren a very happy birthday. WE LOVE YOU DARREN!

Elegance is learned! See you next week for Bear-y White Good Times with Mark Louque!

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