Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Its been a hectic month here at Sparber Inc. and I have some catching up to do.

Three weeks ago, I flew to Los Angeles and DJed the sensational Mustache Mondays party at La Cita. I also went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my best friend Andrew and we screamed twelve times on twelve roller coasters.

Afterwards, I took a plane up to San Francisco where I met cute boys like this and DJed SF's best party in town, Booty Call.

Muchas muchas gracias to my gracious hosts Juanita More (left) and Joshua J. for having me. I can't wait for Juanita's nyc DJ date at Vandam on Sunday, May 23rd!

Frisco party boys (or is it bois) sure do love their tattoos, piercings and chinchilla stoles.

Cuties in extreeeeeeme close-up, thanks to my dear friend and photographer for the evening Roberto (not pictured).

CRYSTAL BEAR! This one was sweating before he even entered the club but made for some fantastic inspiration on the dancefloor.

My New York entourage, Mikey (left) and Mal, had never been to San Francisco before and were stoked that you could smoke weed on the street, as you can see in this here pic.

Anton Lavey meets Malik So Chic.

Yes please!

I also DJed for Mica (left, with Joshua J.) at his Friday night party at the Stud called Some Thing, where he is in good company in the no-more-eyebrows department. But more on the Stud in a minute.

The girls dancing up on the couches are no joke. One of them kept yelling out arabic words to me throughout the night, like "HABI-BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

And in San Francisco, EVERYONE dances. Not just the club kids. Not just the fag hags. EV-ERY-ONE!

This one on the left came to my Monday gig in Los Angeles AND my Wednesday gig in San Francisco, meaning he would have totally spooked me if I had played the same set. Which I didn't (because of him).


Work this pussy!

The non-nightlife highlight of my trip was spending quality time with this sea lion down near the Golden Gate bridge. And I miss him dearly.

Ladies who lunch: (from left) me, Roberto and Ms. Mikey.

Bears hugging bears.

Bears reading bears .

We attended the opening night of a new party at Underground SF, where the sexiness that is Stanley DJed and lots of kids dressed up in wicked witch noses and torn up pantyhose to dance the night away.

We also made it to see Bus Station John (pictured) and congratulate him on six years at the helm of the Tubesteak Connection.

Legendary hot box girl Vicki Marlane, giving you Judy Garland realness.

Gina LaDivina, also known as the $65,000 silicone wonder (her name for herself, not mine).

Vicki and Gina turned it out, as they always do, with songs that could probably be played on Victrolas.

Letting them HAVE IT.

Gina, fantasizing about the bubble bath she's going to take when she gets home.

Gabriel (right), posing with the lively scenery.

If he makes you feel like a million dollar say ah-oh.

My man, taking in California's lovely scenery for the first time evs.

Ummmm, I may or may not have been swinging from the rafters at this point. No comment.

Friday's gig at the Stud was notable for many reasons, one of which was that this one, who calls himself Little John, requested that I play a specific Sparber remix. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Another was that this bitch threw fried chicken out into the audience during her performance.

And another was Mister David, who performed two numbers and danced till nearly 4 in the morning to my disco set and then told me he hadn't danced like that in three years.

On our last day in Frisco, Roberto hosted a barbecue for his roommate Rodney and invited the usual suspects, including Brian (left) and his piece.

Kevin did not wear the fun-tastic leather overalls he had on the night before, which I was drooling over.

The barbecue concluded at nighttime with a spontaneous candlelit dance party in Roberto's kitchen cuz as I've said before, these west coast kids lovvvvve to dance. See you again soon California.

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