Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A New Year is upon us! At last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc, we rung in the Jew year of 5770 with Manischewitz, challah, mandel bread and chocolate, cinnamon and raspberry rugulach. 5770 is gonna be all about variety, y'all.

What better way to start off the Jew year but with hunky Israeli resident Adam (left), who arrived early for the baked goods but waited till 11pm for the open vodka bar to kick in. A man after my own jewish heart.

And speaking of hunky, photographer Kelvin was all over the big slab of meat on the left.

Bonne anneƩ a mes amis favorites de France, Lulu (left) et Jeremie.

George (left) and his friends with pretty purses.

The prettiest purse in the universe! Aka a Tori Spelling clutch. I need this for my headphones NOW.

Brett's (right) disco 'stache matched the sound of our fantabulous guest DJ Timmy, who spun the funkiest set on earth but failed to get photographed by Kelvin.

L'shanah tova to the goyish guy group sitting at the bar (that means happy new year in heeb speak).

No jew party would be complete without the biggest Heeb in Manhattan (after Woody Allen), HARRIET, front and center.

JAMES IHA SIGHTING! Which reminds me that we are overdue for a Smashing Pumpkins party but I will try to work them in next week when London's Dutchess of Pork and I spin Alterna90s at the next Good Times.

Michael (center) is always so well dress and dapper when he comes out on a Wednesday, though the tie usually loosens up (and then some) after a few cocktails.

DJ Adam, following Trina's advice and givin' 'em a little hip a little thigh, more pleasure for the eye. Adam and I are DJing a two floor dance-and-underwear party this Sunday!

Nothing says Happy New Year like a little lap dance.

Murphy and his unholy Star of David tattoo, saying CHALLAH!

I'm not sure Danny and friends could look any less enthusiastic about this photo but it was the only one of them and they're all pretty cute so I'm postin' it.

An early test-run of his Annie Lennox Halloween costume.

Kele (right) and Andy, both bonding over their love for circumcized men with major guilt complexes.

LT (right) and Nathan, who not only starred on my favorite television show of all time ever ever ever, The Comeback, but also just celebrated his birthday on 09-09-09. Happy birthday Nathan! Flashing!

Adam actually brought out his whole upper east side Jew posse (his sister included) who kind of function like Muammar Gaddafi's virgin women bodyguards. I am hoping Gaddafi comes by next week's alterna90s Good Times with DJ Dutchess of Pork since he'll be in NY anyway and I know how much he loves Tanya Donelly.

Cute boys in white tees can never do wrong. And Zach (on the right) is hosting an HIV benefit this Thursday and I'm DJing with Lauren Flax and Amanda Blank is performing. Come!

And now for Kelvin's genius Manischewitz chugging series, or as my mom would probably call it: A Lesson in How Meningitis Is Spread.

Baruch atah Adoni...

Elohaynu, melech ha-olam...

Borei p'riy ha-gafen!

Translation: Blessed art Thou, LORD our God...

King of the universe...

Creator of the fruit of the vine.

And by fruit of the vine, we mean super sweet and sugary wine concoction known as Manischewitz.

Even the British get into it!

This pic of Casey pretty much says it all, though Casey literally could not get enough and pretty much polished off our second bottle of Manischewitz all by his lonesome.

Burping up a little concord grape amazingness.

Once the Klezmer music kicked in, everyone was feeling good and ready to hora. Sadly a barstool just isn't a suitable substitute for a hora chair.


Makario (left) is always the gentleman, trying to make Paul (right) feel tall for a brief moment in time.

Charlie (left), the creative genius behind the Charlieslut blog that I link to and his performance artist muse known as Angelo.

Shane (left), still toying with women who like to kiss gay men.

Sexy underage barflies Bob (left) and Philippe, sharing a post-Jaeger shot moment. Bob throws a rad party on Thursdays at Eastern Bloc called Contact. Come and rape him.

Bob also has the most rad tattoo in the whole entire universe on his lower back. If Madonna ever comes to Eastern Bloc, I hope she gets a glimpse of this and decides to adopt Bob.

Dude in the center may or may not have been really wasted at Vandam last Sunday with his hand down his pants the entire night. Just sayin'.

Cameron (right, with friend), rockin' the Backstreet's back alright!

Keep it kosher boys.

The Evans St. Gerard fan club, which I am proudly a card carrying member of.

Last week, Ryan (center) and I cleared up a long-running misunderstanding started by a now-engaged Valdez who introduced me to Ryan by admonishing me for not responding to Ryan when he unlocked pics on Manhunt for me years ago.

Mad that I didn't bake kugel for this event. Just wait till Hanukkah.

"In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 seconds on"

Shiny happy people holding hands.

Giving you major jewcurls, reminiscent of my wigs 'n' wieners 'do.

The only thing gayer than a sparkly, rainbow yarmulke is a hooded vest.

Choke hold.

I'm guessing Michael T. (left) found his boots for the night.


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