Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Two weeks ago, me and the boys vacationed in Provincetown, New England's answer to Fire Island or Brighton or any gay seaside beach resort that features tea dances and flag dancers.

The gay beach was quite rocky and a schlep to get to, apparently because the gays like to be secluded so they can frolic in the dunes.

Matt had a hard time tip toeing back to the blanket barefoot on the rocky sands.

Marc is a whiz at tuning everything out and completing crossword puzzles.

Matt and Mike are not a couple. I swear.

The oh so handsome Malchiore, tanning his lovely olive Italian skin.

Of course a gaggle of Brazilians magically appeared on the beach (don't they always) and gabbed and gabbed in Portuguese for literally two hours.

Sun them buns.

Sexy(ish) couple seated beside us.

Not so sexyish couple lettin' it all hang out and giving fierce full-body tattoo realness.

These guys were also seated next to us and loved posing for cute summer-fun-at-the-beach photos. No, they weren't posing for my cam but we snapped a pic anyway.

We stayed at the lovely Burch House, where Rocky and Jimmy Lee catered to our every desire until Matt got belligerent and started referring to guests by their room number rather than their name.

Provincetown nightlife is no East Village but the gays sure loved dancing along to 80s music videos at wave bar.

Hey Tim Murphy! We ran into lots of New York castaways over the weekend, as well as Rhode Island fags and Massholes from Massachusetts.

Matt and Mike are seriously not a couple. I don't know everyone always asks me if they are.

Mike jumped up when instructed to do so by the emcee, forgetting he had a drink in his hand, which then landed all over his head and body.

Gay jew summer camp reunion! Eric and I used to spend summers together out in Lenox, Massachusetts at Camp Mac Kee Nac. Now we look forward to summers together up in P-Town.

Mike, after a little too much to drink as the A-House was shutting down at 1am. Off to Spiritus Pizza, where my camera battery died.

But not before these lovely Rhode Island boys told me I was the hottest person in Provincetown. Thanks guys! I'm loving the bellies. See you next summer!

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