Wednesday, August 20, 2008


By request, I tried to meld my usual pop sensibilities (Kylie! Annie!) with the darker industrial sounds of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and everyone's apparent favorite, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc. Not such an easy task but the former industrial goth types went ga-ga.

Über-promoter Josh Wood (left) in the hizz-ouse, who still hasn't booked me for a party but can no longer claim to have not heard my music. Sadly, he probably thinks my music is Pretty Hate Machine on repeat.

Strongly resembling castmembers of Central Park's latest theatrical endeavor, Hair. LETTTTT, THE SUN SHINNNNNNNNNE.

One of those very uncomfortable arms-around-each-other-for-the-photo photos. Ex-boyfriends, perhaps?

Cute and cuddly bears in training.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE (center)! Matt (left) and Paul (right) helped prop Christine up after two drinks and a dizzying Dutty Wine performace.

A real-life daisy chain for satan, inspired by the Thrill Kill Kult song I now intend to play each and every time I DJ.

Have I mentioned that I love AJ (left) recently? Because I do. I also love that his skinny tie/tote bag look is sweeping the city.


I am loving his post-Memorial Day whites accompanied by yellow nail polish and a black wrapping paper bow. Something tells me he works in fashion.

Well hello Shane Michael (left). Who is this handsome guest you've brought to the party and does he love that Nine Inch Nails song The Perfect Drug from the Lost Highway soundtrack as much as me?

Benji (center, with Steve and friend) has been trying to convert me to the NYC thrill kill cult known as gay dodgeball league but so far, I've resisted.


Steven told me he'd wet himself if I played Sex on Wheelz but I came slightly unprepared for that and so his undies stayed dry for the time being.

By the power invested in this blog, Rob (right, with Simon) has radically changed his going out wardrobe for the better. Why are both of their heads slightly askew?

I bet you didn't know that Chris Robinson (right) of the Black Crowes got down at Good Times. Just kidding. I guess there really was a Hair cast party happening after all.

Normally I would say only douches wear sunglasses indoors but I have a special place in my heart for Jason G. (left), who I'm sure is only posing as a douche in an ironic non-douchey way.

Dude whose name I can never remember (with Buddy on the left) but have had a secret crush on for forever and a day.

Victor (right, with Valdez and friend) was all up in the DJ booth being like, MILEY CYRUS! MILEY CYRUS! so of course I obliged. "My best friend Leslie said 'Oh she's just being Miley.'"

Even though Marlon (center) had lobbied for a Nine Inch Nails party, he missed most of the industrial jams and had to make do with Solange Knowles.

Andre, proclaiming he wants to fuck you like and animal and feel you from the inside.

GROUP SHOT! I love how everything in the bar kind of stops so everyone can jump in on one of these before the crusing, flirting and long line for the bathroom resumes.

One of two dreadlocked boys that was out and about last Wednesday, though the other one was white so he doesn't really count.

Would these two be into hearing a Marilyn Manson song right about now? No, I didn't think so, even if our party is the Beautiful People incarnate.


Surely jamming to Michelle Williams' We Break the Dawn. Did you know Michelle is performing a free concert WITH Solange at City Hall Park on Thursday? I am there, front and center.

At Marlon's request (albeit 3am request), I returned to the theme of the night with a little Supernaut and Down In It, cuz I was up above it! (goin' down in it.)

Old crush, meet new crush. New crush, meet old crush and let's start discussing threesome opportunities.

Scott's cut-off kind of beats my cut-off only for the gunshow he has on display.

Kevin and Kevin, discussing the possibility of getting a ride in striped Kevin's cute new convertible.

RIVER! I haven't seen River in forever, apparently because he ditched Sunday grill duties at Metropolitan to become a school teacher. What's that about?

As if. NOBODY abides by this sign, by the way. Not even douches with sunglasses. Just sayin.


If you don't do the weeknight thing, catch my special SATURDAY NIGHT set at Eastern Bloc this Saturday (8/23). See you soon.

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