Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The long lost gay bar episode of Miss Rap Supreme took place at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week, where we cranked up the Khia and Riskay tracks so folks could twerk it out on the dancefloor.

Soul sister Scott J. dropped by early on for a cold beer and some hot crunk music. Scott is helping me rediscover the soul and disco roller rink days I never knew.

Miss Andre (right) has been having a welcome back to New York party for nearly two weeks now and is flat out broke. And no, you can't have a free shot if you WEAR an Israeli shirt. You have to BRING an Israeli. And a hot one.

Obviously these dudes were loving Khia's new track, "Put That Pussy on his Ass." How could you not?

Plaid yogi leg contortionist realness!

Baby C (left) waltzed in during my Remy Ma mini-set and demanded that I throw down with a little dancehall so he and Andre could get their dutty wine on. ATTITUDE, GYAL!

Growing up Gotti goes gay!

Maybe this amazingness went down while I was playing that song that repeats, "Get up on it and ride that thing," over and over. Best explanation I can think of.

Paul, Sampson and Ryan (from left) hadn't been out and about for a hot minute but are suddently back on the club scene in full force. Maybe its Ryan handsome new 'do.

Speaking of 'dos, Gino ditched last week's blow out and is back to his wild curls, which suits his wild persona just perfectly.

And then a time portal opened up and these two stepped into the bar.

Phil (left) and David, begging the question of why you comin' home, five in the morn', somethings goin' on can they smell yo' dick?

Sexy Michael was all tricked out in magic marker, laying on the floor and apparently making out with his lady friends. I'll have what he's having thanks.

Khia's new tracklist could caption all of these photos but I don't know which ones to choose, especially for this photo. A) Get It and Go, B) Be Your Lady or C) Shit on Me. For full track list, click here.

Lindsay Lohan wasn't in town this week so we settled local A-Lister Alan Cumming (left), who is always a delight to see, even if his hand gestures can be interpretted as offensive in his home country of the United Kingdom.

Thank the high heavens that Valdez (center) now insists on hearing Cut Copy instead of Britney Spears. Oh, and I'm officially over the grey-and-white striped American Apparel v-necks.

What a pretty little pageant of snow queens! From left: Chris, Kelvin and Matt the Baker, getting the finger by an anonymous attendee.

Hi Jamal (left). Who is this handsome stranger you're holding on to and where did he get such nice cheek bones?


The East Village's gay boy band answer to the Jonas Brothers. You know a Good Times visit from Mylie Cyrus is just around the corner.

His neck (left), his back (center) his pussy AND his crack (right).

In case you missed Twin Cheeks this (and every) Monday at the Cock, I spent most of the night throwing down with Charles (center), who sang along to Deee Lite's Good Beat with me and contemplated performing a Riskay song in drag! Fantasy much?!

Clockwise from top left: Ryan, Danart, Anddy and Gary, who jumps for joy at the drop of an Expose song and is pretty much at the Point of No Return in this here pic.

Stephen V.'s boyish good looks (right) can only be overshadowed by a hot papi, who happened to be seated right next to.

People of the (eastern bloc) world, join hands, start a love train.


Marlon, Santi and friend, representing the 315. Dade county, get at me!

Matt (left) helped co-DJ Jimmy finish up his set after a stray Vicodin or Xanax may have found its way into Jimmy's pockets. Or tummy. See you next week!

Oh yeah, and Jimmy is away in Hawaii so its all me, all night next time. Be there or be lame.


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