Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Showdown of the century! At last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, 80s LA-based girl rappers J.J. Fad squared off against Miami's L'Trimm on our superb system so see who could grab it and push it and spell out Superstonic and Tigra and Bunny the best.

Hunky barman Greg (left, with artsy french friends) resurfaced after a long absence in my life when he left Sundays at the Cock ages ago. Oh how I missed those smelly armits.

If every Manhunt man looked like this chiseled and crispy is real life, I'd contemplate rejoining.

Okinawa over here was totally flipping through Next in search of another Wednesday night party, forgetting that Good Times was nominated for an HX Award. Uh huh that's right.

Panama Jack, now making bar visits to protect you from the sun.

Very skinny boys who wear very big headphones as very fashionable accessories.

Greg Endries' (left) and Christian's hands are like a magnets to my hairy chest (not pictured).

"The P is for Perfection AND YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE FREAKS!"

I'll admit that his hat is growing on me, but it would have been even better if he did in fact dole out free suntan lotion.

GINGER WARNING. I feel like the one on the left could go ginger at any given moment.

Bye Ghyles (center)! I hope you had fun in New York and arrived back in France safely. We never really spoke but that's okay because you are French and stand-offish by nature.

Beardless buds drinkin' brewskis.

The one on the left is a total cutie pie, the apple of my eye as the L'Trimm song goes, uploaded especially for you. Download it here.

Sexy cleaveagefest going on right beside Buddy.

Ned (left) was all sorts of frisky Wednesday night. Maybe it was a full moon or something becasue Kelvin also failed to photograph him as well as Frank de Jesus, who celebrated his birthday with us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!

Toasting the fact that co-DJ Jimmy didn't play his Rick Astley baltimore remix of Never Gonna Give You Up last week. Or Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

Ryan (left) has been pretty much partied out lately and is going into an early retirement at his ripe age of 21.

Justin (right) has set sail to travel the world he so often edited articles about in the Out Traveler. We will miss him greatly and look forward to a huge welcome home party for him in October.

Shahar (second from left, with friends) is part of our Good Times Israeli outreach program. Bring a hot Israeli to our party and Jimmy or I will do a Jaeger shot with you and him. (Only works if you bring an Israeli dude. Sorry ladies.)

Raise your hand if you're ready for a Khia and Riskay party next week!

This handsomeness is named Marek. He was in town from Toronto heard Good Times was the bomb diggity. I was going to chat with him more but he took to the crowds and was hopefully swept away by an American nightlife "tour guide."

Let's hear it for the boys: (from right) Kurt, Michael D., Michael M., Matt and some dude whose name probably starts with an M too but wasn't even posing for this picture.

Yikes. Stripes. Fruit-striped gum.

Drew (left) and a small smattering of Frank's fashion posse that were not in ANY of this week's pictures. I'm looking at you Mr. Langbein, and I expect a hello next time.

AJ, Simon and Michael (from left), who can do no wrong in my book. In fact, all three can do right by wearing lower cut shirts next time, which would be pretty damn low in Simon's case.

The ageless and flawless Gino T. (left), showing off his newly blown-out 'do.

You know he's singing Mariah Carey's Fantasy in his head when this pic was taken.

Me, Davey and my newest ebay purchase, which was actually packaged and sold like that by Nike. No scissors necessary.

Jimmy (left) and James, staring into the nothingness that happens after 4am in the East Village. Unless you head to the Bijou, which these two may or may not have ended up. See you next week!


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ha. i heart greg.

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