Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Boys were looking bootylicious left and right at Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday, when we cranked up all things Destiny's Child, including (but not limited to) Kelly Rowland's solo work, Michelle Williams' brilliant new pop album and Beyonce's little sister Solange's debut.

Baby C, comin' atcha! Though Chris' birthday is coming up, he seems to have the magical ability to grow younger rather than older. Pact with the devil much?

These two were sayin' no no no no no (to having their picture taken), when it's always really yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Kyle, measuring his manhood once again.

Josh (left, with Danart and Ryan) was rocking a muscle-tank-turned-push-up bra, courtesy of American Apparel for women.

Remember when Destiny's Child as a group of four friends like this? I still miss LeToya and Latavia.

Nobody seemed to care (Buddy included, on the right) that I was repping Cross Colors except for me. CLOTHES WITHOUT PREJUDICE!

By this time, it was nearly 1130pm and the club was pretty much Jumpin' Jumpin, especially with that cutie on the left.

Jonathan (right), giving sequined trucker cap realness and giving me the genius idea to bedazzle my Cross Colors cap.

Jason (left, with Marko and Nate) is back from Texas, where he endured Cotton Eyed Joe dances for three treacherous weeks.

Don't chew on the sweater too hard. Winter is right around the corner, which means summer is right behind it.

Hot damn! I am voting that Ryan keep his hair short like this now and forever. Foxy indeed.

Patches (right) introduced me to his incredibly handsome friend whose name escapes me. Shortly after this pic was taken, handsome friend fell to the floor, making me think handsome friend may have had one too many Svedkas.

All around good times at Good Times, as evidenced by smiles in two out of three chaps pictured here.

Who's the Mary Kate Olsen lookalike and why is she pretending to smoke inside? That's like, soooo '02.

Jenna (left) and her teacher or professor or something, before she and he got completely obliterated.

Peace out, homie. Next time, don't let your friends cover up your bugaboobs. Get it? Bug a boobs!

Argentinian visitors, mesmerized by the Jason Nevins remix of Kelly Rowland singing Dilemma with Nelly. "Nelly, Iiiiiiiiiiii, need you."

Independent women part 1.

Independent women part 2.

Scotty is the biggest, baddest and bestest door man in New York City.

These two are waaaaaay excited because someone requested Corina's Temptation and I actually played it. Freestyle extravaganza 08!

Cousins. Identical cousins.

These dudes are like, it might be time to take you home sweetie and she's all, hells to the naw! I told y'all I was gonna bump like this!

GLAMOR INCARNATE JUST WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR! Behold the fabulousness that is Stephanie Stone (a.k.a. Charles).

Tranny chaser! Ned totally gets one of those pervy smiles when he sees someone as gorgeous as Stephanie Stone. And who can blame him?

Adorable dude on the right was not having it when I snapped this photo, maybe because he's embarassed of that Grateful Dead skeleton tattoo.

Stephanie Stone and the Boiler Room Gems: (from left) Evans, Kelvin and Buddy.

He is touched to the heart the I chose to include Trina and Kelly's "Here We Go" R&B ballad in my Destiny's set. I ain't try to hear it, not this time.

OBSESSION! Who is here and where did he get that look? I love it. British, perhaps?

Dude on the right was all about hiding from the camera for no apparent reason. I'm guessing he doesn't heart his picture being taken. Or Pat Kiernan.

Shiloh (left) and friend, probably talking about how she's the original Shiloh and she's all pissed now that some celebrity baby has ruined her name for life.

Get it! Ryan and Michael broke the dawn, Michelle Williams style.

Straight off the Jitney from the Hamptons, grabbing a Cosmo before hitting the hay.

Mike and a handsome jewish suitor, whose name I cannot remember because by this point, it was 230am and I had already played Kelly Rowland's Work (Freemasons Radio edit) like, 10 times.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW! Andrew (left) is one of my best friends who lives in LA year round but comes to New York whenever he needs to get action.

Hi Jeff. Cute shorts. Cute 'stache too.

A photo of co-DJ Jimmy's impressive calf muscles, as requested by a certain reader.

Simon (left) and Kurt, looking forward to next week's Free Da Brat! party at Good Times.

Do I spy Valdez getting it on in the corner with a golden-shoed dude?

INDEED! Which is funny because after he left...

...he made out with this guy.

And this guy.

Oh, and Jenna was doing headstands all the while in the background.

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

holy shit i'm a drunk messy slut! guess i wont be showing my face again (for a couple weeks)!

Anonymous said...

also, i no longer have that belt. and it's a pretty fucking awesome belt. sort of my go-to.
so if anyone's seen it...