Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last week's Lisa Lisa party at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays!) had 'em going wild from head to toe.

Sometimes the first pic of the night looks like it should be the last pic of the night when its all blurry and dudes look the last thing they need is another Jaeger shot.

Oops. Alex (left) and jew friends didn't get the memo that our Matzah Ball aka Passover Party isn't till this coming Wednesday.

That whole new rave thing never really took off in New York but if anybody were to make it happen, it'd be Jason (left) and Chaz.

Somebody's getting lost in emotion!

This pic was probably an outtake but it really shows off Pablo's adorable outfit. Pablo's also like, 5'5" so everything pretty much looks cute on him.

Mike (left) and Matt the ex-baker love to wrestle with one another while singing Annie show tunes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT! Cat (left) and her new piece Zach, standing next to her, both celebrated their birthdays when the clock struck 12. Then they probably got into a huge cat fight (no pun intended) being like, "It's my birthday!" "No, its MY birthday!"

Scotty, Jacob, Christian and some other dude were all cried out over the fact that I didn't play All Cried Out because Ms. Jaime Burke of Phoenix fame never turned up for the Lisa Lisa party he helped plan. SHAME!

DJ Jimmy (right) usually helps out with crowd control between sets, and by crowd control, I mean flirting with younger men. Daniel (left) has a boyfriend is not flirting with Jimmy, just for the record.

Oooh! Cameron (left) is starting up a new East Village party over at Hangar Bar on Thursdays, which always seemed like such a promising place but has yet to measure up to Plant Bar, its former incarnation.

Richard and Adam (from left), before Richard got ridiculously wasted and locked himself in the bathroom for an hour.

The blind leading the blind.

Why is dude on the left trying to out cute Chris' pink shirt and vest get up with an Ernie and Bert tee?

At one point on Wednesday, someone came up to me and said "at one point tonight, I would have had sex with over half the guys at the bar cuz everyone was so hot." Maybe this photo was taken during that time frame. Or maybe that person was really really slutty.

Speaking of hot guys at the bar, can I get some fries with that shake-shake boobie?

Total Top Tony (right) isn't a total top. Or so we hear.

Speaking of total tops, keep an eye out for the handsomeness that is David Davis on Fire Island this summer. I think he's working out there the entire season.

Eric Leven is back from LA and searching for chumitz in unsuspecting armpits before Passover officially begins.

I thought there was a little straddle action going on on the other side of the DJ booth but it seemed sort of strange, since they weren't making out of anything. It was like, let's straddle and discuss The Real Housewives of New York City, the best show on television.

"And when I tried to exit the tanning booth, the door was locked!"

Head to toe! I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

This must have happened during one of Jimmy's Tegan and Sara songs.

Looks like John (left) is back from South Africa, where he picked up a little Zulu tongue tricks or so it appears.

Oh Tommy (right) and his keffiyeh, which apparently bring all the boys to the yard.

This must have been the part of the night when our amazing photographer Kelvin asked everyone to pose with something in their mouthes.

How on earth did this end up on the camera roll? And whose urine is that?

These two transformed into America's next top dance crew right in front of the DJ booth, which was quite a delight.


Yes, his hand is completely down her dress. Tune in Tokyo.

Sister James, apparently eating red licorice or accidentally swallowing stirring straws he thought were red licorice.

The sexiness that is Thomas (center) knows no limits. He can feel the beat within my heart any time he'd like.

Devin (left) and Darren, basking in the red light that permeates Eastern Bloc when the super bright flash is not functioning properly.

Kyle (center) said farewell to nightlife and go-go dancing this week as he begins a 9 to 5 job doing something boring. We will miss you Kyle and we know that you'll miss that guy on the left's amazing pants.

340am: Pablo finally makes it onto the pole for some Miami booty shaking to DJ Laz. THAT'S RIIIIIIIIGHT. See you next week.


And if you haven't heard, Mondays are the new Wednesdays over at The Cock where my new party, Twin Cheeks, is shaking up the hood. Come see about me.

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Lisa Lisa, hot jewish boys, and zulu tongue tricks? Some cities have all the luck!