Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As much as we love imports at our Wednesday night Good Times @ Eastern Bloc party (Kylie! Dannii! Sugababes!), we hate exporting our own overseas. Last Wednesday, we said goodbye to Chris Rudolph, who'll be leaving us indefinitely for the gray skies of London.

Things got hopping way early thanks to Chris' goodbye party. I was like, ummm, I need to get to the DJ booth now.

Ladies love Chris Rudolph. They also love making lots of requests when they go out to gay bars since they know they're not going to be getting any requests themselves. For dates.

Chris ordering a going away drink. Sadly, photographer Kelvin forgot to snap any other photos of Chris. Oops. Luckily, he was all over Twerking last week.

Maniacal glances from a duo that was probably enjoying my special Sugababes evening, since London and Sugababes should basically be synonymous.

DJ Jimmy (left) had recently arrived from a vacay in Barbados, where he got fabulously tan and rubbed it in among his paler friends such as Josh (right).

The weather in New York has been all wacky recently. Like, last week was total short sleeve weather and this week its all leather coat weather. But maybe leather coat dude rode to the bar on his hog, hence the get up.


Evans and Devins and Evans and Devins and Evans and Devin...I could go on for hours.

Guess whose birthday is coming up? Mine! And Joe's (right). And Lulu's and Darren the bartender's too. We're all celebrating at Good Times on May 7th. Bring presents (not in the form of leather backpacks, thanks).

The cuteness that is 80s St. Elmo's Fire hair, which I love love love.

Do you think he's giving that smugness because his nipples are being tweaked or because he decided to wear that red belt?

BESTIES! Michael (left) has been palling around with Kevin ever since they met at Good Times a few months ago. Sadly, I was unable to join them last weekend when I asked where they were and they responded Cattyshack, a big ol' lesbian club in Brooklyn.

And its not even memorial day yet!

Last week's party was jumpin' jumpin'. I think some photographer also had a party. Or an after party. It's hard to keep track when you're busy obsessing over the new Santogold album.

Sampson (left) and friend, who looks all butch but you know he's running to the DJ booth to request Miley Cyrus.

Loose lips sink ships. And make other people at the bar feel uncomfortable.

Michael, Kevin and a gentleman suitor (from left), smiling about the Sugababes remake of Adina Howard's Freak Like Me. Cuz we can PUMP PUMP all through the night...

Photographer Kelvin! Oh what a marvelous job you are doing Kelvin. Please do not harass Kelvin while he is trying to snap pictures by throwing up hands and gang signs and what not. I'm looking at you Hurricane Jason.

This picture would make more sense if I played the Limbo Rock, but I did not. But we might get our limbo on at Twin Cheeks' Cinco de Mayo party on Monday. How low can you go?


This is how neck injuries happen.

Yes to the cute peck on the cheek. No to the sunglasses hanging from your collar.

Gratuitous crowd shot, simply so I can point out that Tommy is not making out with anybody for once. I LOVE YOU TOMMY!

Steven and a fan, doing as the shirt says. And speaking of Olivia Newton-John, I just DJed for the cast of Xanadu at Gracie Mansion, the mayor's official quarters. XAN-A-DOOOOO.

This chick got all up in my grill about something, and then was like, just kidding! I'm Willie's girl (whatever that means). Nice gesture Michael (on the left).

Nate keeps it crunk, especially when I play Crime Mob's Stilettos, still the best song out there.

Hurricane Jason (left) and Chaz are roommates on the rampage. Lucky for the taxidermy, the hurricane was only at a 2 this particular evening.

Magamet, John and Benji (from left), are like, totally hangin' loose. Cowabunga.

I spy Jason Grout lurking behind Dustin D., who turned 21 last Wednesday. Now he's officially legal and can join the Good Times roster.

Shirtless man to lower back tattoo girl in a halter top: I like your style.

Oh Alex. How cute. Playing straight again. We'll go along with it but only for tonight.

Roger (left) doesn't know that I have just started stalking him as of this picture.

Southern boys taste like grits.

This green machine got going over in the corner apparently, right near a deeply engaged Patches standing behind them.

Scotty (left) and Jacob, throwiing shade (literally) and gang signs.

A bear hug for a bear!

Here's a series of couples that Kelvin photographed consecutively. Can you guess which ones are straight and which are gay? I'm guessing straight here.

GAY AS THE DAY IS LONG (with lesbian friend, natch.)

Ummm, gay? Or like, he's gay and she's the best friend who is secretly in love with him and gets him bombed on sea breezes and then molests him.

Straight. Or T.A.T.U.-esque, meaning we'll make out but then go home to our boyfriend and have their babies.

Deep V or a women's teddy? Whatever it is, it's working on him.

Straight couple still getting it on after last call. Or are they reenacting the Thriller video? See you next week.


And come to CINCO DE MAYO at Twin Cheeks @ the Cock this Monday. $3 Tequilas and $4 Coronoas all night. And a pinata with butt plugs! xo


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