Sunday, April 27, 2008


I crafted this entry in my head last night while DJing at a straight venue, since people tend to make the same request mistakes over and over again.

1. Don't ask the DJ to switch genres if you don't have a particular song in mind. Hip hop is a bit broader than Jay-Z, Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

2. If you've already made a request, don't send a friend over with the same request. Also, don't ask other friends, patrons or go-go dancers to make the same request.

3. Choose a particular song by any given artist rather than begging for Britney Spears and then complaining when Piece of Me comes on.

4. Only request a song if you're dying to hear it. Don't get all up in the DJ's face requesting 10 songs just for the sake of saying, THIS IS MY SONG! to your friends.

5. If you'd really like to hear your song, it might help to win the DJ over with a compliment or a brief conversation rather than barking an order at him.

6. Don't ever ever ever ever ever try to touch the DJs music or equipment. Don't even ask to touch these things because they are expensive and you are drunk.

7. Keep your drink in your hand rather than resting it anywhere in the DJ booth, where your drunk ass is more than likely to knock it over.


thwany said...


professional amatUer said...

a far too short, yet right on list.
"can i look at what you have?" is my least favorite question. even more than "whats that rash?"

soultripper said...

better yet, let the dj do his or her job. if you want to be in control of the music, stay home or throw your own party.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. 6/7 rock my socks