Wednesday, April 09, 2008


WHOOP WHOOP! Newwwwwwww Triiiiiiiiiiina album meant it was time to throw a Trina party at Good Times last week, our weekly Wednesdays shindig at Eastern Bloc. Many of the boys at the party could related her Trina hits such as Single Again and Pull Over That Ass Too Fat.

Michael is new in town and looking for an apt. Sadly, he doesn't really make use of this whole "internet thing" so I'm not sure how I'll relay any openings to him.

Ryan (left) did the early shift, then left (presumably for a nap) and came back at 2something for the late shift. Or maybe it was just to hear a Trina and Trick Daddy duet.

The one in the electric blue was all up on the Vornado fan letting her hair blow this way and that. It would have been more amusing had I not seen Candis Cayne do it 10,000 times at Barracuda.

BEL AMI IN THE HOUSE! Just kidding, but these two could totally pass for Czech porn brothers in a why-is-incest-hot-but-creepy kind of way.

Doesn't it look like someone photoshopped the guy with the beer on top of the other two? It wasn't me, though I'm desperately in need of a photoshop lesson (and Photoshop for Mac).

Pablo (center, with the regulars), representing for the 305 area code just list Miss Trina. Why can all Miami kids do a mean booty shake?

DJ Tekshur (left, with Sammy) will now also be known as barback Tekshur, the newest addition to the Eastern Bloc family.

Another instance of apparent photoshop mayhem, snipped from straight person's birthday party at Burp Castle. Why would you ever name a bar Burp Castle?

A page from the dark coat, light button down era of dress, which makes it quite easy to go home with someone and head straight to work the following day.

I've seen many photo album's Makario (left) has posted on facebook even though we've never spoken. Duane (right) happens to be in lots of them. In fact, Duane is in everyone's facebook photo albums. Homeboy gets around.

Joe, Jen and Brian (from left) are leading the Glamorest Life just like Trina's ill-titled LP from 2005. Sheila E. is still crying about that one.

Door guy Scot loves getting all Cops on party patrons by shining a flash light in their face and doing cavity searches after hours. And no he's not straight.

Reason #82 that I can't wait for summer: I saw Mikey (right) in a tank top last Sunday and my heart started beating a little faster.

James (right) is like, Ah ha. Okay. What's up. Shut up!

Tommy and friend, obviously checking one another's breath.

Good Times is the new Snaxxx! (on Wednesdays, of course.)

Sometimes I say totes and I mean "totally!" and other times I mean totes! Like the one Cameron (left) is carrying.

I am DJ hear me roar. I was also very excited by last week's New Kids reunion announcement, hence the tshirt.

An outdoor pep talk about bar etiquette and what it means to pull over when dat ass is too fat. (whoop! whoop!)

The ever-sumptuous Craig Ruddy, licking those lips and making love to the cam-rah.

Don't forget about Marlon! Repping the 305 as well.

Darren (right) and his rabbi.

Requisite Kelvin pose, by Kelvin.

I think a broken bottle went through Kyle's leg or something while he was go go dancing somewhere last week. Go go dancing is dangerous stuff!

I feel like that guy on the right is hypnotizing me with his stare and begging me to play Janet Jackson one more time.

Mathias (left) and his friend who couldn't decide which scarf to wear out so he just wore them all.

The sexiness that is Thomas (left) is amplified by the sheer lack of anything else to comment on in this pic besides him and his handsomeness.

Alex (right) is not gay yet not straight, whatever that means.

Kevin and James, who accompanied me to Odessa at 430am - MATZAH BALL SOUP REALNESS! Speaking of which, we're having a Matzah Ball at Good Times next Wednesday. Plagues for everyone!

See you Wednesday!


AND if you didn't hear, I've taken over Mondays at the Cock, which I was going to call GIRTH but now everyone is saying I should call it TWIN CHEEKS. Come this Monday!

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