Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The matzah season is upon us! At last week's Good Times @ Eastern Bloc, we celebrated pesach with some good ol' Liz Phair, since what goes better with brisket and gefilte fish than a little Exile in Guyville?

Chris came straight from a comic book convention, followed by an open bar somewhere. He was in pretty good spirits at 1030pm and managed to party on till 3.

Such a tough call between Brian (left) and Eric -- who's the lady and who's the tramp?

Magamet (left) gets really intense like this whenever Mariah Carey comes on. Touch my body indeed!

DJ Sparber, aka the Matzah Lady with her prized Passover matzah.

In Judaism, Steven's beanie counts as a head covering. He could technically wear that to cap to temple if such a hipster temple existed.

Eric and friends, giving yarmulke boobie realness!

Is this where all the woofing was coming from?

Christian (left) graced us with his holiness after tending bar at Nowhere for like, seven nights in a row.

Cute boat shoes on the cum-stained floor. Just kidding! I'm sure that's, um, Manischewitz from our last jew-y throw down.

Everyone has their hand in such a random position here, from jazz hands gone wrong to satan horns and an uncomfortable leg grope. Let's just move on, shall we?

Liz Phair's Fuck and Run, inspiring gays for 15 years now.

Trannies can only keep their secret hidden for so long.

And speaking of trannies, this pic of Darren's new Japan tattoo totally remind of me of that pregnant tranny. Coincidence?

Brian got into the holiday spirit with an extra special jew shirt! Sadly, I didn't get my act together in time to wear my mom's matzah apron. Next year.

Dude in the middle is reminiscing about his Candyland-themed bar mitzvah and dude on the left is like, yawn.

Two minutes later, these chicks realized they weren't at Kion and headed next door.

Passover didn't really begin until Saturday, but if we had had the party this week, I would have had to explain why I was chowing down on pizza, which is totally unkosher for passover.

Sampson's nip slip, reminiscent of J. Lo in her deep deep deep V. (V as in Versace.)

Matt and Mikey (from left), busted for not singing the Four Questions with the rest of the big gay family.

Miss Gary is such a lady. He's also a huge Liz Phair fan and requested Ride off of Whitechocolatespaceegg, which I played...five days later at Twin Cheeks @ The Cock. Luckily, he was in attendance.

Darren (left) and Kelvin, sharing some quality bathroom time and horseradish, I'm sure.

WORK IT OUT GURL! Chris leaves for London very soon so the next Good Times party is going to be his going away dance party blow out. Come join us!

If you're lucky, you might even get him into a three-way kiss.

Officially my new most favorite person ever at Good Times. PLEASE COME BACK!

Matt looks really familiar but I can't place from where. Facebook, perhaps? I mean, I spend half my day there so its quite possible.

Ever since Ludo found love, we've had to settle for his younger, cuter doppelganger (left), complete with Ludo-like mutton chops and dark black Clockwork Orange tees.

Is he tipping the impromptu go-go guy or holding on for dear life while trying to stand up?


Gary, Cameron and Chris (from left), undoubtedly reenacting a Girls Aloud video.

The best moment of the night came when Jesse grabbed a yarmulke and asked why I was giving out shoulder pads! I love you Jesse!

Eric (left) is in the process of bedazzling his Miss Ross shirt with sequins, though that hasn't stopped him from showing it off in all its amazingness.

One of these days, dear reader, Thomas (right) will take off his gray clothing and get up on the stripper pole. Or so we can hope.

Brian's lips are saying, kiss me! but his hands are saying, step back! I don't believe in intermarriage!

Jonathan (left) is an equal opportunist who got down to both new school Liz Phair and old school Liz Phair.

Jew lovers.

Pablo acted all coy like he didn't want to be photographed yet tugged down on his pants as soon as the flash went off. Then we got into a huge MAAAAAAAATZAH FIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

I somehow missed this moment of the evening in my matzah0-induced coma over by the DJ booth.

James, tasting the rainbow that is Evans.

Hey gurl hey! We'll see you next week when we spin Sugababes for Chris' farewell. Push the button!


thwany said...

that guy's japan tattoo is damn sexy...

Anonymous said...


i need to make a trip to NYC soon.

the next time i do, i'm so there!