Tuesday, December 25, 2007


And my friend got beat up! Last night, walking home up Avenue A after work around 430am, my friend brushed shoulders with one of two younger dudes walking the opposite direction in front of Bagel Zone and Key Food near 4th st. Said dude turned and said, "watch where you're fucking going," to which my friend replied, "you watch the fuck where you're going!" This escalated to the dude spitting on my friend (my friend spat back), at which point my friend was thrown into the flowers outside of Key Food and repeated punched in the face.

The two flower vendors kind of jumped in to break it up (I was watching from a few feet away convinced a knife would be pulled any minute), but once the assailants ran off, the Key Food flower vendor got all up in MY face telling me I had to pay for a few knocked over flowers. In fact, he wouldn't let go of me and tugged on my coat as we walked two more block to my apartment to call the cops.

The lesson? Don't buy flowers in front of Key Food. And please don't get into altercations with strangers. Especially on the street at 430am. Three years ago, a girl named Nicole duFresne did very close to where we were. Her teen assailant pulled a gun and shot her dead. She would have turned 31 next week.


diana said...

woah, I totally missed this entry. That's CRAZY. and is that a picture of said friend?

Sparber said...

no. thats just stock imagery. i wanted to protect his identity.