Monday, December 24, 2007


It's that time when we look back at our favorite East Village establishments that have closed in the past year and spill a sip of our 40s for the homies who used to congregate there.

1) Big Lug - The men were big, beautiful and burly at this downstairs bear bar but the winter hibernation season must have killed business.

2) Cold Stone Creamy - Why god?! Why?!!!

3) Dick's Bar - Always fun for a drink with the octagenerians, who now have to schlep up to Townhouse for their high balls and hot toddies.

4) Radio Perfecto - They served the most perfecto pitchers of sangria in their backyard garden off of Avenue B and were always kind of empty, which is probably why they closed.

5) Bouche Bar - a.k.a. that little make out bar on 5th street with the plamp (plant lamp from the 70s). I could always only afford one drink here anyway, which is why my dates always ended early.

6) Mr. Black - This underground gay dance club's lifeline was cut short when the entire staff was arrested for drug possession and the door's were padlocked, leaving us no place to go after 4am.

7) The Bijoux - We hear that this gentlemen's "movie theatre" is no longer, but we really have no clue.

8) Imagine Bar & Grill - Or, as I liked to call it, Miracle Bar & Grill v. 2.0, which served cheap, yummy brunch in their spacious backyard.

9) Cock Tail/Star Bar - This Cock offshoot turned Starlight offshoot was a disaster from the get go but they had nice wallpaper I think. It's existence is kind of hazy in my mind.

10) Tompkins Square Bakery - No more ham and cheese croissants, but on the brighter side, I'll be free on Saturdays to, ummm, sleep and blog.

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