Thursday, December 13, 2007


This week, Good Times got deee-groovey with the sounds of Deee-Lite. Apparently Deee-Lite used to hang and DJ at Eastern Bloc back when it was known as Wonderbar a bunch of years ago. But then again, someone else told me that Lady Miss Kier is now a crackwhore living in Ohio, while another person said she had invited him over to her house in NYC for eggplant parmesan two weeks. She's the JD Salinger of our generation.

Look! Ludo is newly tat-tat-tatted up. That's a reference to a D4L ("shake that laffy taffy!") song that nobody listens to except for me, which reminds me of how I'd love to do a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony night but nobody would get into it except me. ITS THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!

Apparently Marc Jacobs' Arabian Nights holiday party was also last night, though I think Eric (left) should take to wearing mesh on a regular basis.

Fabrice is the handsomeness, though unfortunately, his beauty wasn't exactly captured on film this week.

Everybody loves a jewess, especially when that jewess is Adam Frank, fresh off the plane from a Hanukkah week in Miami.

Tofutti cuties.

Arabian Nights attire? Or sacrificial Wiccan wear?

Matt the baker has become as elusive as a yeti in depths of winter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN TALLEY! (left.) I can't wait to drink champagne with you this weekend and get Jamaican.

Chris and I had plans to watch Oprah's favorite things on Wednesday, but I had to tend to everybody else's favorite things, which is apparently listening to all four Deee-Lite albums.

"Bring the magic carpet to sixth street, s'il vous plait."

This is why we nail down the television sets at Eastern Bloc.

These two took time out of their busy Christmas caroling schedule to come share a drink with the good folks of Good Times.

Willie (right) goes ga-ga for Deee Lite. We were texting lyrics to one another for a good part of the afternoon. TRY ME. ON. I'M VERY. YOUUUUUUUUU.

This one must be dark sided or something because he has perma-red eye in every photo snapped of him.

This one's still sad about the buff dude who had to leave Project Runway last night.

Hi Chris (left). I like your vintage calculator watch.

Quick! Hide behind the hand!

Older sleeping dude. Always inspirational.

These two look like the Jaeger shot-taking type.

Tim (right), marveling at the decapitated head of Joe M.

Just kidding. Joe has been getting his holiday party on all over town and asked me to play Deee-Lite's "Vote Baby Vote," which is apparently at a really really short song/public service announcement.

Jay (left) worked a soviet soccer chic look with wooden necklace thrown in for good measure.

This chick could be posing with Jake Gyllenhall and I'd still be too distracted by her dress to notice anyone else in the picture.

My boys David, Andrew and Michael (left) kept me company in the booth while the masses shimmied to World Clique, the first and best Deee-Lite album to date.

David is feeling very relationship oriented these days. I'm sure that's what his manhunt profile says too.

Jason (left) and friend came from a Fools Gold record label showcase down the street which was apparently atrocious.

Robert can do no wrong in my book.

Ken kept telling me how easy it is to meet hot straight-but-curious men in Columbus, Ohio. Who knew?

Yuki James and I are planning a trip to Tokyo to visit his sister and DJ and spend lots of yen. (Like you got yen.)

I have cut down on my M.I.A. selections, much to this dude's disappointment.

I love when background people act like they're being photographed even though they're so not.

Miko (right) is back from a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong, Dubai and mainland China and hasn't had sex in a month and a half.

Valdez (right), apparently posing with the editor in chief of Details magazine.

Valdez's bowtie apparently stays on, even when the clothes come off.

I love how this girl is like, please let me drink my drink in peace Valdez.

Two boys, one cup(cake package).

Kevin has this idea for his own response video to 2 girls 1 cup that involves pole dancing and rainbow sherbert. Come to his Moustache Ride party at Nowhere Bar this Sunday and he'll tell you all about it.


Tonight is the two year anniversary of Eastern Bloc! Come hear me and the other DJs turn it out runway style. I'll be on at 2am. And then I'll be DJing the basement of the Cock on Friday night. And guess who's back at Good Times with me next week? DJ JIMMY IMMY!


Anonymous said...

josh!! i bet you didn't know i secretly stalk you through twerking!! i love yer comments-i literally laugh aloud ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to conduct a fax orgy with Miko's buddy!

Sparber said...

A) I love secret stalkers! and B) I never really understood that whole Deee-Lite fax orgy thing. But I loved the cartoon in the infinity within cd. Remember how the cd box was all eco-friendly?