Thursday, August 02, 2007


Yesterday was a marathon DJ day for me. After a daytime event, I spun all night at Eastern Bloc, leaving little opportunity to take pictures. SORRY! Fortunately, my wonderful friends snapped some shots, though mostly of themselves.

Bad boy posse Michael (left), Chris (middle) and friend are like the gay Charlie's Angels of the East Village.

I love how Binh (right, next to Michael) looks like he's deep in conversation with no one.

Suzanne is all about Brazilian night at Nublu on Wednesdays. Sooooooo straight. Did you know I used to DJ at Nublu back in '03?

Frank (left) and David were hamming it up all night but left before I could play Luscious Jackson for them. I DID play Liz Phair though and you missed it Frank!

The french! Alex (left) and Gweltas are headed back to Paris in September because Gweltas hates America and he hates Americans. Vive les freedom fries!

I had to drink Whiskey Cokes all night to stay awake and keep the boys entertained.

Kevin (right) was one of the appointed photographers for the evening, though he opted for self-portraits with Willie.

Thomas doesn't know this but we're getting married and having babies.

Ummmmmm, does it get any hotter than this?

Troy just moved to the East Village. Say hey when you see him.

Someone's off her meds.

See! Cute randoms still come to my party. They just weren't photographed as much or were too tan to be seen.

Dave and Scott tore up the dance floor when I played Rozalla's Everybody's Free.

Michael has a really hard time keeping his eyes open in photos.

Andrew brought his bro out for a tour of Andrew's hang outs. Word on the street was that his bro had the mad ganja hookup.

Jeremy (left, with Omri) and I went to both high school AND South Africa together.

Miss Burke, looking as cunt as ever.

August is going to be a month of handsomeness (as you can tell from these two). I can feel it already. See you next week.

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