Thursday, August 16, 2007


Those who didn't attend the Justin Timberlake concert at Madison Square Garden last night packed the house at Eastern Bloc for our "Save Britney" benefit. Oh, and our party has become such a success that the owners have offered us our very own Wednesday night go-go dancer. I say a little nudity can only add to the party. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

Aron (left) and friend are total dreamboat psychiatrists. Could you imagine getting a psychiatry referral and turning up in their offices? I wouldn't be able to concentrate.

Christian only stuck around for one drink last night. If I were a serious photographer, he'd totally be my muse.

Charlie (left, with David), doing the universal "Where's the coke at?" sign.

Bunny ears! Man oh man is the guy in the middle gonna pissed when he realizes he totally got bunny eared by a stranger.

DJ Jimmy and I don't take many of each other anymore. Jimmy, however, still LOVES to snap his own self-portrait from time to time.

Did you hear the one about the gay frosh at NYU?

Gucci, bitches. It brings home the boys.

Who knew that this hot Brazilian guy has lived on my block for the past four years. Not I, said the fly.

My three amigos, Kevin, Kevin and Willy (from left).

I think at this point, Eva (East Village Andrew, left) was miming the entire "How Will I Know" video for anyone who would watch.

Watch out for my big, gay Rosh Hashana party, which I want Adam (right) to host with me this coming September.

We're gonna rope Doni (left) into the jew festivities too cuz he is king jew, recently back from a goyish year in Tennessee.

The hotness that is Ashton made an appearance in all white. Labor day is rapidly approaching people!

Kevin showed off his robin hood boots, which are really hard to see without a flash in a dark, crowded bar.

Nate (left) brought along a friend whose name I can't remember but reminds me of a younger, hotter, skinnier Ron Jeremy. But it's probably just the moustache.

I think this guy promised to get naked if Jimmy played Rihanna's "Umbrella," which he so did.

Greg doesn't care about our $3 vodka special cuz he's Swiss and only drinks beer by the pint.

Luc (right) and I discussed the prospect of our long, lost hairburner friend Jeff Chastain returning to New York two weeks from now. Start stockpiling the Egg McMuffins.

This is my favorite picture of the week. These guys were mid-dance move when I snapped this. Then they were like, "Was that a good one?" and went right back to cutting a rug.

Eric kind of just moved here from San Francisco but is already more well acquainted with New York City gay nightlife than me.

Patches (left) and Quinn started me on an 80s kick that lasted from 2am till closing time.

Another mover and shaker, caught on digicam.

Doesn't this guy look like the pocket gay version of Perez Hilton? The music is quite loud at this point so maybe he's just pretending to be on the phone.

I'm feeling the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses on the right.

No! Don't go back to Brooklyn! Stay for one more drink.

Christian Collins (second from right) and posse might look like they're en route to Beige, but they're actually into the party.

James Ryan (left) almost had his entire shirt unbuttoned when he showed up last night (trend alert for next summer?). James Barch (right) was like, I don't need to SEE that!

Kyle dances at Eastern Bloc on weekends and hangs out there on weekdays. Come say hey.

Domestic partnership, anyone? James Ryan and Matthew Luke have moved in together and can now be seen holding hands down Avenue B.


So should we get a go-go dancer or what? Also, I'm DJing the Cock this Sunday and Eastern Bloc next Wednesday AND Thursday. Come get drunk with me.


Anonymous said...

i am so in for the party. jew realness!!!! manischewitz cocktails!

anntalley said...

Best. Captioning. Ever!! So sad I missed the party. I have a b-day thing tonight but I'll try my damndest to get over there. xoxo

Unknown said...

No go-go boy. Then how would we get drunk boys to dance on the pole while taking off their clothes? That's half the fun!