Tuesday, July 31, 2007


During another outer borough summer excursion, Twerking got the party started in Richmond Hill, Queens, aka Little Guyana. A few years back, went to the real Guyana to visit friends Craig and Celeste during their service in the Peace Corps. This month, their friends who run Guyfrog threw a Guyanese fundraiser and invite me to DJ.

The real Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America, but I'm sure you knew that.

Out in Queens, its like just like real thing: same beers, same short barmaids who want to dance with you all night long.

She also worked at the bar and kept grinding up on me during every dancehall song. And like, my whole set was dancehall. Oh, and she's totally 4'11".

Lots of volunteers for Guyfrog and Peace Corps were in attendance, which was strange, since they were like, the only white people for miles.

Everybody bonded though and the locals totally got into it.

Maybe too much so. Apart from the women who worked at the bar, all the locals were horny dudes who loved to dance up on it.

Guyanese folks tend to be of Indian (from India) or African decent. This bar was mostly Indo-Guyanese, which can sometimes be way homoerotic.

Guyfrog raffled off a bunch of stuff, including a cricket bat (Guyana was a British colony till 1966) which the barmaid one.

Everyone had a good time, or so Craig (right) told me.


Craig Dennis said...

Helicopta...whatcha stop fah!

Thanks twerking to a dead on flashback to the "caribbean" 2005. It was perfect!

Thanks dude!

Unknown said...

Thanks for hooking us up!

Anonymous said...

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