Thursday, August 09, 2007


How cool was our Eastern Bloc party last night? Like, apart from being Good Times (such an appropriate name), we had not one but TWO air conditioners turning it out all night. Oh, and a packed house of handsome men turned it out as well.

Frenchman Ludo (left) initiated recent New York transplant Fabrice into the Wednesday ritual of Good Times.

Tommy (left) showed off his new boyfriend Steve even though they've been dating for almost a year and are moving in together. Hermits!

Sideboob alert!

Frank (right) is celebrating his birthday this week and confessed that he's a big lesbian who loves loves loves Aimee Mann. Then his cute coworker friend (left) was like, I started crying this week while listening to Tori Amos at my desk.

I told these guys about the best blog ever,, and we started looking at it on their blackberry. And now I'm writing about looking at my own blog. How meta.

I love the hot porn star-y guy on the left. There. I said it.

Matt the Baker (right) broke out the vintage Burberry. Like, vintage circa 2000. So fashion forward.

Binh (left) was all riled by by the "21 year olds" hanging out at another local gay bar he had visited before Eastern Bloc.

Kevin, bringing sexy back one hoodie at a time.

Speaking of 21 year olds, David (right) chatted one up last night. I love how Dave's "friend" is making a jazz hands pose.

Birthday boy Stephen Savage was a bit late to his own party but nobody seemed to mind, since he's the handsomest, most eligible bachelor in all the East Village. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE! (or is it Stephie?)

More 21 year olds in the hizz-ouse! Sean Christian (right) represented for the FLA while his friend represented for white guys who wear do-rags.

Is this guy winking or does the flash only affect one of his eyes?

Craig (left) partied it up with a chap who I swear I've seen a million times but have no idea where.

Some people have been complaining that I only post pretty, posed pictures so I'd like to take this opportunity to give you a fetching photo of David. Insert your own caption here.

This guy came up to me looking sooooooo cute and all, but had to ruin it by saying, can I make one request? And I said, sure, as long as it's not Rihanna, and he was all, how did you know?!?!

The handsomeness that is Greg (right) brought out his coworker Boris. I was like, is Boris Eastern European and he was like, how did you know? Ummmm, hi. His name is Boris.

Jimmy had some handsome friends in town from Calgary (pictured above), who, as luck would have it, is also 21!

The classic "grind up on it with blackberry in hand."

Jorge (or is it George, left) is such a looker. His talents include balancing beer bottles on his straw hat.

Are the glasses half empty or half full. I say go order another round. NOW.

You know you've made it in NYC when DJ Lina (right) comes to your party and compliments you! Kiana (left) and Ms. Burke worked it out too, making the party a smashing success.

Yeah, there are more pictures than usual this week, but that's because lots of hot men like these two showed up. Fire Island ain't got NOTHIN' on us.

Exiting the bathroom, making that "it wasn't me" face.

Yes, they're wearing matching shirts and yes, they're getting primal. I'd say the date went well.

Kiana and more hotness from a dude I wish I had spoken to.

Matching salmons!

NO PICTURES! PLEASE! When you tell a photographer you don't want your pic taken, he's just gonna end up posting a bad pic of you so you might as well pose.

More funny faces! More entertaining than hot guys posing, right?

Latifah (left) is the shit! I wish she came to my party every week. Oh, and for all my lady readers, she's newly single. Get in line!

I'm guessing he's 21, but I really have no idea.

DJ Jimmy, looking tanner than ever, pumps up the jams (and the iron!) with the support of team homo.

4am. Winding down. This guy is like, PLEASE PLAY BEYONCE'S IRREPLACEABLE. ILL BLOW YOU IN THE DJ BOOTH. I was like, go home.

Actually, I made him take a picture of this couple that was still making out when the music stopped and the lights came up. Doorman Scot got his flashlight all up in the camera and was like, GO HOME, RETARD!

Yours truly, peacing out for the night. See you next Wednesday!

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