Monday, August 20, 2007


The East Village bear den that was Big Lug might be dead, but the grizzlies are alive and singing up at The Alley, a Boston bear bar that hosts karaoke every Sunday.

My good friend Andrew (pictured here) celebrated his birthday last weekend and invited me up so I could witness his killer rendition of Stevie Nicks' "Stand Back."

When not singing, I took in the scenery, including the fashionable Timberlands-and-shorts look hitting Boston right now.

This is Chip, who was the hottest guy at the bar, though Andrew swore Chip had a prosthetic leg.

Boston's world-famous skyline is painted along one wall of the bar. Gay!

I sang Heart's "Alone" and basically lost my voice after that.

Luckily, there wear leather daddies in rubber boots to entertain us.

Rachel and Jeff, looking quite entertained.

Tommy (right) works at the Ritz. He befriended us rather quickly and apparently rubbed Andrew's belly. He also sang Liza Minnelli's version of "New York, New York" and dedicated it to Andrew for his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW, YOU OLD SLAG!

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Anonymous said...

my dying wish - me and my little lame boston bar make it onto twerking - my health has just deteriorated to the point where i cant believe i'm 6 feet above ground. -andrew