Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wednesday night, we celebrated the 34th birthday of Matt the Baker by making sure he got ridiculous trashed and up on the stripper pole. Once, a neighbor of a patron of Matt's bakery referred to Matt as the party bear baker. He lived up to that title last night.

Matt's roommate Kurt (not pictured) arrived with a yummy, store-bought cake. Everyone thinks bakers have really high cake standards but Matt loves trashy, sugary cakes.

David (left) schlepped in from Jersey to party with DJ Jimmy (right) and everyone before backpacking through Europe in August.

The back of Christophe's head is becoming a regular on the blog! He might want to be more careful when shaving it since it's being photographed so much.

Birthday boy's posse Dave (left) and Sean, looking forward to a night of Whitney and Mariah, as requested by the birthday boy.

Douglas (left) departed from the East Village last month for Brooklyn. He can still be found on, however, claiming to seven years younger than his actual age.

Queerty blogger Andrew (middle) was like, DONT POST ANY PICTURES OF ME! THEYRE ALL HORRIBLE! But Christian (right) looks so damn cute in this one that I'm posting it anyway. Sorry Andrew!

DOUCHE ALERT! Once the baker said hi to this guy at a bar because they had hung out previously. The dude, however, acted like he didn't know Matt and opted to call him a "fucking jew" as Matt walked away. And Matt's not even jewish!

This guy was stoked to wander into Eastern Bloc on such a ruckus night, I'm sure.

Legendary DJ Man Parrish dropped in to tell he had just bought a nearby bar. Good Times Thursdays, here we come!

Cute and new-ish East Village couple Darren (left) and Anthony made their twerking debut last night.

And then the kids started dancing...

...and drinking (well, James on the left is always drinking, but still)...

...till suddenly everyone in the bar was suddenly and completely drunk. Emily sported a new hairdo that she called very Chloe Sevigny circa 1996.

Matt started kissing everyone in the bar because he turned 34 at midnight, which meant he could do whatever he wanted. Fucking jew!

Speaking of jews, Adam (left) was in full effect with a hot group of guys I had never seen before.

Everytime I see Adam (once a year, if that), he's like, hi, I'm Adam. And I'm like, we met last year. And he's like, did we? And then he's like, ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, but I'm sure he's totally faking it.

Thomas (left) pulled that whole Clark Kent thing on me by wearing glasses. I was like, who's this handsome gentleman and then he took of the glasses and was like, ta da!

Five drinks and five shots later, Matt was giving hello hickeys to Marc (left) instead of kisses.

Another cute guy, another drink in Matt's hand.

Bartender Sammy (right) chilled with friends and asked me to please not play that song that he hates from Silence of the Lambs.

We even had a pole-off to the tune of Pop, Drop and Lock it, though I think everyone was a winner last night.

Sammy's hot mohawked friend, whose name I still do not know.

Matt, pre-make out party.

Matt, post-make out party (with Emily).

This guy on the right was so handsome and yet feared being photographed. What's that all about?

"I'm every woman! It's all in me!..."

"...anything, ya want done bay-beh. I do it naturally."

And of course, as Matt got on the stripper pole to freak Shino (right) the camera battery died, which is a sure sign that the party was too much fun. See you next week!

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