Thursday, July 12, 2007


We tore it up last night at Eastern Bloc after a one-week Fourth of July hiatus. My celebrity friend Cat Hartwell (of legendary rock/pop bands Holy Hail and Fannypack fame) and I DJed for a Genre-Magazine-meets-East-Village crowd.

Editor in Chief of Genre hosted a private soiree from 8 to 10pm, so the glossy gays were in full effect.

Note that people who read Genre tend not to have much facial hair. What's up with that?

Thank god handsome "cockfighter" Matt Bell (right) offered to snap some photos for me during the event.

"Hey! What time's the next train to Hell's Kitchen?"

Thanks to a previously burned party cd, I didn't play Rihanna's Umbrella once last night because, shocker, it was playing when I walked in.

Are nose rings back in style? I'm starting to notice them all over the place. Or is it a Hell's Kitchen thing?

Genre brings out the best in gay journalism, such as superstar editors Jesse (left) and Tim.

Frank (left) was so so sad that he didn't make it to my Madonna party two weeks ago. I'm sure there will be more where that came from.

Jake (left) told me he didn't remember me even though I had hung out at his apartment like, a dozen times with his former roommate less than a year ago. What's that about?

Handsome! We could play guess the nationality with this one but you can't really see enough nose silhouette in this here pic.

Christophe hates photos but has a sexy haircut nonetheless.

Yes, another mock blowjob photo. How original!

Rob is a cheeky minx from England who usually doesn't go out on weeknights. His favorite number is three.

Ethnic diversity photo!

I'm all about guys who have hot profiles but may or may not be hot face-on. I could tell with these two because they wouldn't look at me.

When I told everyone at the bar that Cat used to be in Fannypack, they ALL flipped their shit. Literally. Like, they were gushing about how much they loved her cds and all. She was flattered.

Dating your lookalike is all the rage this summer too. Get in on it before school starts up again.

Kyle (left) and Luis a.k.a. Uncut are a gay nightlife match made in heaven (and I'm not about the bar on 7th ave., though I'm sure they both spent some time there).

Requisite pic of Patches flipping off the cam cuz that's the only way he can keep his eyes open through a flash.


See what I'm talking about with nose rings? Manny actually had more than a few piercings but I ain't mad at it.

Nate doesn't work on weekdays anymore, which means he can stay till last call and get plastered with me! Ahhhh, summertime.

Ryan confessed that he wants to become a DJ, so I was like, DO IT! and he was all, how? so I told him this long-winded story about how I got started but he was probably just drunk and not even listening.

Hot! See. This is what you miss when you leave the party before 3am.

And this is what you get when you stay out till 4am! See you next week.

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