Thursday, July 26, 2007


Last night, I promised to play Culture Beat's "Mr Vain," and I didn't disappoint (if you stayed late, that is). The boys didn't disappoint either. It's kind of crazy how you can go out every night of the week in NYC, or in our case, every Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, and always see new hot guys.

I swore that the guy in the middle (a friend of Cameron's, on the right) was this dude I met two weeks ago. The sad truth is that my eyesight sucks.

Marc (right) is so dependable and lovable, it's a wonder that he's still single...or is he?

VEST ALERT! Everyone's wearing them. Buy yours today.

Major midsummer cleavage is in full effect too, and I ain't mad at it.

Scott (left) finally made his Good Times debut with none other than our trusty mascot, Mr. Matt Bell.

Off-duty Eastern Bloc employees Sam (left) and Kyle, chillaxin (best word ever).

I don't know what the next step of restfulness at a bar is after chillaxin. Maybe something like sleepaxin, which is doesn't have the same ring to it. Nor is it cool to almost fall asleep at a bar.

Square jawlines rule.

Major cleavage alert number two. Like, what's the point of wearing clothes. Oh wait - Cameron is a Dazzle Dancer. He doesn't usually wear clothes when he goes out.

Cameron and Kevin (not pictured) host a fun party downstairs at the Cock on Fridays. They left these photos all around the bar with invitations to their party. Marketing geniuses.

Is this guy famous? Because my co-DJ, Jimmy, took like, 50 pictures of him.

Christian, Tommy and Andrew (from left) kept the party f.r.e.s.h.

And Andrew always complains when I post unflattering pictures of him, so this week, I figured that if I posted two, he'd have to like one of them. Though I think he looks handsome in both.

Youtube superstar Matthew Luke Sandoval (left) is soon to add another occupation to his impressive resume: hotelier. Ask him about it.

Ever camera shy James Ryan only posed for two photos last night! Blasphemy!

I tried to snap these two sucking face but instead I got the longing-for-each-other look. Do you think they met at the bar last night? I hope so.

Another cute couple. I guess summer love is in full effect. Thank god fall is around the corner.

Hot euro guys love our party, including Greg (left) and Adrian, Swiss and Swedish respectively.

Tommy's rare Good Times appearance warrants not one, but TWO photos of the handsome photographer.

Raise your hand if you're ready to get on the stripper pole?!!

Scott (right) and friend cozied up to the DJ booth, where Jimmy played Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" and I played a bunch of Stevie Nicks jams.

Author Jen Block (right) dropped in with friends after one of many in-store readings all along the east coast. Buy her book and let's book club it.

Late night crew! Kevin (left) and Ryan confirmed that vests and rosary beads are my next big purchase, despite my jewish heritage and hairy shoulders.

Willie (right) completed the vest triad of the evening. Oh, and I totally thought Willie was my friend Ashton the other week from the DJ booth because my eyesight is as good as an 80-year-old granny.

Ann Talley insisted on a full-body photo to show off her fancy shoes while Jimmy wore backwards headphones in the background.

Is the DJ Lina? Methinks it is cuz she was cutting a rug like you wouldn't believe and looking sexy all the while.

Protein bar break! I have to get in shape for all those vests I'm gonna be rocking.


Come see me DJ this Sunday, July 29th, at the Cock! I'll also be holding down Good Times all by my lonesome next week. That's six hours of Rihanna's Please Don't Stop the Music. How can you say no?


Unknown said...

OMG! fabulous!

Anonymous said...

By any chance did Scott (in your fifth picture) just return from a trip to Switzerland? I was with a group of Australians who ran into someone who looked very similar (and who was also called Scott) in Interlaken.

anntalley said...

Lurve! And thanks for indulging me with the total-outfit shot.

Robert said...

there's nothing i like more than a picture of will winkle and jason bellini looking terrible.

Sparber said...

Scott says he was NOT in Switzerland any time recently. SORRY!

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Disney version of the movie. Bitch I want pics of the orgy that takes place afterwards!!

Anonymous said...

(Re: Scott) Oh, that's a pity. Thanks for the quick reply!

Sparber said...

Orgy pictures to follow. Or just come to the Cock on Sunday.

tom said...

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