Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I haven't posted many other DJ pictures recently, mainly cuz it's hard to like, play records and take pictures at the same time.

1) David Boyer's book party for his latest effort, Bachelor Party Confidential (buy it!) Chase and Ben twerked it out.

As did the belly dance superstars.

And the gracious host (left), with an unidentified attendee.

2) Out Magazine's Cinco de Mayo party (on May 3rd???) at Mr. Black. This party was jumpin jumpin but I couldn't leave the DJ booth so no pictures of well-coiffed gay men. Sorry!

3) Kerry's (left) benefit party for her surgery at Galapagos in Brooklyn. She's getting her tits chopped off!

There was a big poster in the back that said SAYONARA KERRY'S BOOBS! Everyone danced and danced till they kicked us out at 2am. Bye Kerry's boobies!

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