Monday, May 07, 2007


I hosted a last minute birthday party in my backyard on Friday for my 27th.

Matt barbecued beef patties and other delicious dinner treats for early arrivals.

Cat and my neighbors' puppy Stella made out for a really long time. Total PDA. Gross.

My neighbors got stella like, five weeks ago and I've been thinking about dognapping her ever since.

DJ Christine rocked up with a gift box of marzipan. It has been three days now and that box has been completely devoured.

Patches always says he doesn't photograph well, but I think it's because he makes 'I'm constipated' faces every time he sees a camera.

Ka-man and Cheryl brought me this cool iPod travel boombox pouch that I'm so bringing with me everywhere I go. Like, the post office.

Jacob and friend kept telling me to slip everybody a roofie. I was like, ummmm...

Number one on their roofie list was my roommate's finacee John.

Cesar and Tim probably bonded over Tim's passion for men of color.

Dan works at a gym and is apparently starting a boot camp program where he'll train people at 6am. How he stays out till 1am is beyond me.

My roommate Rachel had just given a rabbinical sermon at a temple Long Island, which is probably why she looks like she's still 'unwinding.'

A party ain't a party without Mama Morton.

During my party, there was a rival party on the other side of my backyard, where this hot guy was hanging out.

Michael has attended almost every birthday party of mine for the past five years.

Damaris and I reunited for the first time in ages.

And earlier in the day, I had told Monique that our ten-year anniversary was only a month away.

Julia and Eric are like, we use teeth whitener! Just kidding. Julia confessed that she still has my bathing suit in her panties drawer.

Christine and Cesar, sitting in a tree.

Ian and Matt bonded over their yuppie aspiration days at Williams College.

Lady and the tramp! Who's the lady? Who's the tramp?

Aaron and his girlfriend Zoe joined up after the prom! That's right. They're 18 years old and came to my party after their prom. And yes, I served them alcohol. ARREST ME.

This doesn't look anything like Andrew, but unfortunately, he wouldn't pose for any other pictures.

Lapo is kinda camera shy too, which is why I have to post this ridonkulous pic of my main muffin top.

Doug and Matt both borrowed my hoodies and then went home to soil them.

Another Josh who I hadn't seen in forever but love all the same.

Hi Ryan! I'll miss your free video rentals at Two Boots but I'll come visit you at Mo Pitkins.

It was Joe's birthday too. He showed up at like, 3am with a whole crew of dudes, including this handsome feller.

I haven't hung out with Scott in ages but I told everyone that he's a soap opera star, mostly because in my mind, he is.

Brother and sister, drunk on prom night. Ain't it great.


Solomon Grundy said...

That Adrian Grenier guy is so hot.

Anonymous said...

Shade! Never gonna bring my spilling waistline to your deranged backyard again!
And not buying you anything at The Balenciaga Outlet Store!